Travel year 2019

My wish was to make 2019 a year filled with travels to places I havn’t been before and I managed that project rather well. I been to some places I already visited but many new destinations. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Morocco, USA*3, Georgia, Lebanon, French Polynesia, Japan, Germany, Norway, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Peru, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Holland are all countries I have visited in 2019. 22 to the number, 8 new ones (bold marked). Here comes the sum up of my travel year 2019.

Best skiing trip

Georgia. I was blown away to the beauty of Georgia although I loved the skiing weekend in Orsa a lot aswell. The nature, the people and everything during my four days in the country was just perfect. I am definitely going back there for skiing. HERE you can read about my skitrip to Gudauri.

Best hiking trip

Bergen, Norway. I probably found the weekend with best weather in 2019 because catching the sun in Bergen is rear. With great hiking trails just around the corner from the city center Bergen is a vibrant city I hope to go to more times. HERE you can read about hiking at Floyen.

Norways world

Best natural sight

You may think I would say Maccu Picchu, but that is not the case. Joshua tree park that I visited during our roadtrip week in California was the most beautiful place I have seen in 2019. HERE you can read about it.

Most overrated destination

French Polynesia. Like the Maldives I think it was a beautiful place, a different culture but overrated. I had great company during my trip but hey, you don’t need to go around the world to get there. HERE you find my story from the trip.

Biggest surprise

San Sebastian. I had no plan to go to San Sebastian more than a few days before I went to Biarritz but due to the French national day hotel prices in Biarritz were sky rocking so I booked myself into a hotel in San Sebastian for two nights and loved the place. Like Barcelona but great (and I am not even a fan of Spain). HERE are my best of the best in San Sebastian.

San Sebastian

Best city trip

Taipei. I been there once before and loved it. This time I liked it even more. An asian vibrant city with all included in that but also near by great sights, hiking and almost no tourists. I really, really like Taipei. HERE is the story of an excursion day to places near the vibrant city you can’t miss out if you head there.

Best weekend trip

Beirut. Lebanon was a place I had on my bucketlist for a long time and when I finally got there for a weekend in April I was in love. The mix of old, new, history, charm and character. It was definitely a place worth a visit. HERE is a list of what to do in Beirut.

Worst trip

Hong Kong. The destination is one of my favorite in the world but there was a but. I was sick most of the time. The last day I felt fine again so I was out looking for perfect insta spots. HERE you can find them. 

Hong Kong

Most beautiful place

Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio national park. It was so beautiful it was hurting my eyes. The Manuel Antonio national park where I started year 2019 was stunning beautiful. HERE you find a sum up for my trip.

Best overall

Bali. I love Bali. I can go back there all the time. It is so beautiful and filled with things to do for a beach lover that need more than beaches. HERE is my beach guide to South Bali.

Best destination for spontanious training

Los Angeles. The city of Angels is a place I like to go to and going there to find training motivation is perfect. You find a lot of yoga studios, hiking opportunities, great runs, gyms indoor and outdoor and the weather is close to almost perfect. And if you want to play any sports on the beach, there are plenty of them to choose between. HERE you find my beach guide to LA.

Los Angeles

That was my travel reward list of 2019. Hope you got some inspiration for your adventures that are planned or in the planning process for next year. If you have written any year summary, please share it in the comments.

/ Pernilla that likes to sum up things

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