Must visit beaches at South Bali

Are you heading to Bali? Lucky you. I just came back from yet another trip to Indonesia and I wasn’t disappointed this time either. I had some difficulties deciding where to spend my eastern trip but after fellow travel blogger Readyfortakeoff showed a side of Bali I had not seen before my destination of choice was clear. Bali was the place. Beautiful beaches, training and good food was what I wanted. And what I got. I went for a beach safari and here are some of the beaches I visited during my trip. Read, enjoy and book a trip to Bali.

Suluban beach

Beach of Baliimg_8479img_8481

This gem is only reachable when it is low tide. But it is truly a beautiful place. Not for spending a day at but a must. Is it beach. To find this place get to the famous after beach club Single Fin and from there walk through the tiny village to the left and then you are there. Just climb the stairs down and the beach cave place is all yours.

Thomas beach


Just across the street from my favorite coffee place Suka Espresso you find Thomas beach. It is one of the longer beaches in this area at Bali and a must see beach. It is not great for swimming but for laying down reading a book and enjoying the scenery from both above and beyond it is perfect.

Padang Padang beach


Padang Padang beach has a small entrance fee but it is worth paying for getting down to. If you are a surfer this little escape is a good one. For spending a day on the beach it is a less good choice due to its small size and crowd. Like so many other beaches at this coast you need to climb down to it through stairs so it is not ideal if you are not physically fit.

Dreamland beach


I stayed next to Dreamland beach and I do not regret my choice. The sunsets here over the Indian Ocean are to die for. The beach itself were also one of the finest I found in the area. Beachwise so to say. For enjoying the sunset I strongly recommend climbing up the hill to have a gorgeous view down of the place or maybe by a drink at any of the bars next to it.

Balangan beach


As of an accident I ended up saving the best beach of South Bali to my last full day at the island. Balangan beach was a beach and surfers paradise not crowded at all. The views from the surrounding cliffs were amazing and people tend to go there to take their wedding photos. Balangan beach is a place you cannot afford miss out while in South Bali.

I can’t get enough of beautiful beaches so Bali is a perfect destination for humans like me. If you want even more unique hidden beaches you should ask the locals for recommendations. Bali is definitely a place to put at your travel bucket list is you like beach surfing.

/ Pernilla that lives the beach surfing style at Bali


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