Natural parks of America

There are loads of national parks in America and many of them are places I wanna visit. I been to a few like Yosemite, Mount Rainer, Grand Canyon, Redwood,  and probably some more but I never been to Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California near the famous festival place Coachella and going there was a dream of mine. During our California trip we headed there one day. And it was amazing. Truely amazing.

Getting there and admission

The easiest way is to fly to Palm Springs and from there it is a one hour drive. We stayed in Anaheim so for us it took about three hours to drive there. We took the shortest route and got to see interstate roads. Nothing fascinating at all. But once we reached the nearby area the landscape changed and the temperature increased to over 30 degrees.

The park entrance were 30 USD for each car and if you wanted you could camp inside for an additional fee. After talking to the sweet girl working at the info center we got some suggestions of where to stop and she told us that driving across the park would take two hours. So off we went.

Joshua tree park

The park is a part of the Mojave desert and I have never seen any nature like this before. It was like entering a different universe. The trees looked like taken from Hollywood and driving there remembered me about being right in a video game. It was really a once in a lifetime experience and was very impressed. At the different stops you could take easy hikes of 1 mile or you could do longer hikes. We just had one day so we only tried the short ones. I actually didn’t wanted to take any longer hikes either because I am very afraid of snakes and in the brochure where the animals you could find in the park where listed there were snakes. Luckily we didn’t see any!

In the end I got pretty fed up with the park and it was a relief when we once again reached the highway back to LA. Have you been to any national parks in the US worth visiting? Yellowstone is on my list but what more should I add?

/ Pernilla loving natural experiences


  1. This seems like such a great background for pictures, but I’m with you on the fear of snakes! I wouldn’t have spent to long at this park for that reason. Haha.

  2. I haven’t been to Joshua Park yet but your pictures look great! My favorite national park is The Rocky Mountains. They probably have snakes, but I’ve never seen a snake there!!

  3. My visit to the Badlands National Park with our overwhelmingly generous relatives gave a very long lasting impression on me. Further on, among the places I have visited in the US, I recommend Devils Tower (National Monument) and Mount Rushmore (National Memorial) with old Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt & Lincoln. And I want to see more!

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