The city of Angels

Do you dream about a vacation in California and the city of Angels? I been there several times and really like the city. The proximity to the Pacific ocean, the mountainous nature and the constant energetic vibe makes me love the city. One week ago I got back from yet another vacation over there and I want to share my very best of LA making me wanna come back there again and again.


Los Angeles

This trip was the very first time I went hiking in Griffit park. An urban oasis where a lot of Hollywood stars goes for outdoor training and where locals and tourists does the same. Or if not training people head here to watch the Hollywood sign or just to escape the stressful life in the city. A place to not miss out while in LA.

Avenue of stars

Avenue of stars

This place is a really touristic spot and here you find the Avenue of stars. But it is also a must see place while in LA. An hour or two is enough and if you are not into tourist traps go there with an open mind and you will be entertained by just being there. I have seen the craziness a few times, when I was a kid I was here with my family and   when I ran LA marathon it was one of the funnier parts so it is not a must see every LA visit but from time to time it is cheap entertainment.

Eat Shake Shack

Los Angeles

I know I keep on writing about the hamburger chain Shake Shack but it is really my favorite food worldwide. The Shroom burger is to die for. If you haven’t been you must go there!

Eat bowls and fresh food

Los Angeles

In between eating junk food from all fast food chains LA offers the best healthy food and the greatest assortment of it in the world. Among all places my favorite picks for healthy eats are: Nekter juice bar, Urth café, Le Pain Quotidien and The Butcher’s Daughter.

Rooftop pool bars

Rooftop bars

I am a huge lover of rooftop pool bars. In downtown LA there are quite a few of them and zipping at a drink while taking a swim and watching the sky scrapers isn’t that bad at all I have to say. Nowadays I rather go to bars than to clubs although going to a club is fun from time to time. The Broken Shaker bar at Freehand hotels I can warmly recommend.

Visiting the beaches


What is a trip to California without spending a day at the beach? Within short you will find a complete guide to the beaches nearby LA here but just to mention a few favorites to not miss out here comes the list from North to South: Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Manhattan, Hermosa, Huntington beach, Newport beach, Laguna beach and Dana point. A beach is a beach you think but I can assure you that all of them have their own characteristics making them unique.

Californian sunsets

Rooftop bars

One thing that you cannot afford to miss out while in CA is to watch the sunset. Go to the beach or stay in the mountains and look out over the Pacific while the sun touches the horizon. I have said it before but Calfornian sunsets are by the best in the world.

Have you been to Los Angeles? what are your best recommendations for the city? or do you still dream about going there? Right now I have had enough of LA for a while after being there twice in a few months but in a year or two I would love to get back.

/ Pernilla that loves the Californian vibe

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