Sport sumup 2019

This year I finished my 4th Vasaloppet in snowy conditions, ran three marathons a handful of other races. Participated in my first obstacle race, played quite a lot of soccer but did not managed to do something out of the ordinary when it came to results but I had fun. Sports is my hobby and I don’t need to be a top athlete so I don’t really care although I do of course like to improve my results.

My top ranked races

Vasaloppet is definitely the one I rank the highest of the accomplished races in 2019. 90 kilometers of skiing in pouring snow in the worst conditions you can imagine. Luckily I had fun and look forward to 2020s race. HERE you can read my race report. Are you joining  in 2020?

Lidingöloppet 15K. Everyone was expecting me to get the silver medal but I had not been running a lot during the summer and was not in the shape for doing it. But when I came to the startingline I thought, well, just do it and I pushed myself to my personal best on LL15 and conquered the silvermedal with 3 minutes margin. HERE you find my story from the urban forest at the neighbourhood island.

Arena run at Friends arena was held for the second time and friends at Barebells gave me a ticket and I had a blast. Really one of the funniest races I participated in although I was not among the top finishers. The fun factor from the start to the finish line was 100%. HERE is my story.


Major failoures

I run quite a lot of races because sometimes a complete failure occurs during the race day. I don’t feel in running mode or it somehow doesn’t work out at all.

Singapore marathon. It was hot (I knew already when I applied) but I felt like shit from kilometer four to 42 (44). It was not my pridest moment in my training life but I did it.

Budapest marathon. Same story as above but I didn’t knew it when I signed up. It was hot. hot and hot. No air to breath and the performance from me was accordingly. HERE is my story from Budapest.

Kungsholmen runt. I don’t know why I always sign up for the 10K run because I don’t like it. My major enemy here is the trees and flowers that makes it almost impossible to get air. Next year I am not running. HERE you can read about my race.

Copenhagen marathon


I have trained quite a lot during 2019 if you compare to the ones doing three sessions a year. I have managed to fulfill my goal with average 3 visits to SATS during the year. I mostly been going for Bodycombat, CardioEnergy, ABS Solution, Bootylicious, Yoga and Bodypump classes. My favorite SATS centers in Stockholm I have listed HERE.

I have played soccer with my team Vasastan where we unfortunately had a less good season and failed to remain in the 3rd division. I have played soccer indoors at work almost every Friday and with my club team in Korpen where we won the highest indoor division.


I have been running 40-50K a normal week. Mostly you could spot me out running in the city center of Stockholm or early mornings in Hagaparken.

And of course I have been skiing when I had the opportunity to do so.

I simply love to stay active and hope I will be able to do so also in the future! No races are put into my calendar for 2020 except Vasaloppet but I have many that I want to participate in. I doesn’t have luck in lotteries so a spot to Berlin, Tokyo or other major marathons is nothing I have for next year either.

Do you have a training CV? I have and you can find it HERE.

/ Pernilla that are looking forward to a sporty year 2020



  1. U r such a great inspiration for so many! Congrats, for the Korpen indoor win. Wins are joy and pride for ever. I have been active all my life in so many ways, and every week since 2000 (exept sex weeks not without valid explanation). But how about the ultra, why not a 2020 6H ultra for fun? 😉

    1. Thanks Fredric! Maybe I should try that for fun, actually been thinking about it just so see and as a challenge. Also icebug experience at the west coast is on my list of things I wanna do.

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