Travel to Split

It is such a great feeling to finally can go on trips you sought after again after being locked into your home country due to Covid-19. I am enjoying every moment more than ever and really, really appreciate that I can travel and hope to be able to do it also in the future without restrictions. When I had handed over the aircrafts I worked with to my colleague I decided to move my office to Croatia for some days and work a bit less for some days so one morning I jumped on the SASflight to Split. Before 11 am we touched down and got welcomed by sun, blue sky and a new airport terminal. That was not one day to late since the old probably was the worst one in Europe. I payed 5 EUR and got on the bus straight to the city, had a pizza slice for lunch and was ready to hit the beach.


The town of Split

But first I checked into my hotel in the old city of Split. The streets were almost empty and we weren’t many guests at the hotel that night. I been to Split twice before (you can read about it HERE) and would really recommend a stop there for two days if you havn’t been before or if you just are short on time it is a perfect weekend destination. The town itself is very beautiful with small shops and restaurants. Touristic but a nice place.


Next to it you find the harbour from where you can take ferries to many of the beautiful islands in this country. I went to Korcula this trip and will share my story later on. Other popular islands to visit is Brac and Hvar which I hope to be able to see at some point.


Beaches in Split

Split have a lot of beaches. From sandy ones to cliff ones and stone covered. You just need to pick what you like. I like to stay in the city center and walk along the coast towards the peninsula of Marjan forest. There you find a good bay where it is not too crowded and you also have beachbars if you want something.



Running in Split

During my short stay in Split I did of course also wanted to go out running. Two years ago I went up to the urban forest Marjan forest for a hike and now I decided to run the whole trail in it. So half an hour before the sunset I took off and had a tough start to run up the hill but as always it was worth it when you saw the view.


I ran down on the opposite side and a magic sunset met me. Wow. I had to stop and take pictures. Beautiful right?


Then I kept on running and found Bene beach which I never been to before. The perfect sunset beach. I wasn’t that far from jumping in and have a swim but didn’t. It was still like 5K to go to the hotel and I didn’t wanted to stay and dry up since I was a bit hungry.


Ice cream

And to celebrate the run I treated myself with an ice cream for dinner. No wonder my food budget isn’t sky rocking on my vacations when I don’t eat so much food but tons of ice cream. Although I love the food in Croatia, which is quite similar to Italian, I think it is very difficult to eat when it is warm because I don’t get hungry just feel that I need energy (or salt) at certain points.


Anyway, that pretty much sums up my day in Split. Not to many crazy ideas of what to do while being there but watching the sunset from the park is really a must do.

/ Pernilla that are so extremely happy to travel again


  1. Men vad fina bilder. Man bara längtar dit. Låter härligt att orka springa också.
    Det är så roligt att du trivs. Det är du värd.
    Kramar från Mamma o Pappa.

  2. Looks awesome.
    I was just saying to my wife that I haven’t traveled more than 20 miles from our house since mid-March.
    We had an awesome vacation to the US southwest last year and Alaska two years ago.
    Maybe next year.

    1. That’s a long time for a short distance. Hope you still had a good time in your neighborhood. Alaska is so beautiful! Hope you can go next year but I guess it will be very crowded since so many people think the same. Have a good evening!

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