The Swedish West Coast

Like every year I head down to my favorite part of Sweden, the West coast for a weekend or more in the summer. I love coming there and it feels like home. Have no clue how many times I have been driving the way from Västerås to Sotenäs. Feels like I know every curve. I remember when I was a kid and we sometimes played games of guessing the arrival time in certain villages and the distance between them to have something to do. Last weekend it was time for my tour this summer and it all started with the drive down there including a number of stops for food, snack, buying strawberries and of course shopping at ICA Maxi Torp. So crazy, we ran into some childhood friends there at the parking. Small world.



Isn’t this garden house magic? my friend have it in their garden down at the coast and we always sit up late and play board games there. Love it. Ticket to ride, Sequence, Skipbo and a drawing game I can’t remember the name of.



One afternoon we went out to the sea. That is a must at the West coast (if you have a boat). There are a lot of islands to explore and go swimming from. If you don’t have your own boat a trip to Hållö is definitely worth it.



You can’t leave the West Coast if you haven’t tried your luck fishing. This time we were getting a lot of mackerel (37!) and had a great afternoon taking them up one after one. Okey, I was not touching them myself. To scary for me.



The most beautiful island at the whole coast is the one from where my mum is. Smögen. This time we just went there really short but managed to have a quick corona safe visit to my uncle living there and a short walk at the famous wooden bridge.



Doesn’t matter how cold the water is. A dip in the salty water is a must. 19 degrees was the temperature last weekend but it was fresh. But beware of the jellyfishes and their strings. It’s not that nice to get burned (talking of own experience).



I always go running when I get to the coast. Here are my favorite running routes and having the ocean at one side (or both) and run in a steady pace along the water is a real energy boost. This trip I ran a bit of Bohusleden but I also like Soteleden and to run out at Hasselösund at Smögen.



Lysekil is the major town in Sotenäs and very pretty. There are several sights there and Stångehuvud and Havetshus as well as walking around and having an ice cream is a must do.


Visiting the West Coast

As you see there are plenty to do at the Swedish west coast in Sotenäs. No reason to get bored. Bovallstrand, Grundsund, Hunnebostrand, Fjällbacka and Bohus-Malmön are other places at the coast worth visiting for creating summer memories you will never forget. Have you been to Sotenäs and have some magic places or activities too good to not afford missing out?

/ Pernilla loving the West Coast vibe

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