Active vacation at Österlen

For nearly a week I went to Österlen to spend almost a week activating myself. I planned running at Skåneleden and biking as my major activities. Two activities I can warmly recommend if you are looking for a great sightseeing tour and on the same time want to move around with your own power. Sounds like a great combo right? I got some inspo from Malin Lundsten which was biking around at Österlen a few summers ago but I customized this trip how I wanted it and I would like to share my itinerary for the three days I spent at Österlen and hopefully it will inspire you to see and explore the area the way suiting you. With car, by foot or by  bike or a combo. To conclude there is loads of things to see and do.

Day one: Running 20K at Skåneleden

During low season many places are only open during weekends so I was lucky to arrive on a Saturday to Brantevik. I did immediately started with a run and had a blast. Skåneleden is a perfect place for running or walking and you can do one or more paths or if you have time and energy all 1300 kilometers. I started to run through Brantevik towards Simrishamn and then a bit further until I reached 10K where I turned back and ran back to Simrishamn where I stopped for an ice-cream and drink and walked around watching the cuteness of the city.

On the way back I took an alternative route through the old city Simris, and up to the hills to get an overview of the coast. And what a view. A view where the fields and coast meet. I understand that artists are coming here to get inspo. It was like being a human in a painting. Back in Brantevik I went for a swim in the harbour and also had dinner.

This part of Skåneleden was flat and easy to run and if you don’t want to run 20K you can amend it and take the bus back from Simrishamn to Brantevik.

Running at Österlen

Running at Österlen


Running at Österlen

Day two: Biking from Brantevik to Vitemölla

The second day at Österlen I biked from my accommodation in Brantevik to Vitemölla in the North. The one way distance was about 27 kilometers but the biking path at Sydkustleden was very good and separated from cars to 90% of the time made it easy.

My first stop was in Kivik in the national park Stenshuvud. There I jumped off my bike and walked around one of the trails which was 5 kilometers. First I was a bit afraid since you had to pass some cows but a guy assured me that it would be fine so I made it. Well out of my comfort zone. And it was so worth it. In the middle of my walk I came to a very beautiful beach but I didn’t stopped for a swim.

Instead I continued to Kivik to check out the center for apples and for a lunch fika at Stinas café. They are famous for their apple cake and it was super delicious. Thanks for that recommendation Readyfortakeoff, I pass it on!

When I was done with my fika and had new energy I biked a bit further through the cute village of Kivik towards Vitemölla where I stopped at the beach for some hours to ready my book and try the water. I really liked the beach there so didn’t wanted to get back but realized it would take some time to bike back. First I planned on taking an alternative route further inside the country but in the end when I saw it was about 10K additionally I decided to go back the same way as I came. I was very satisfied with my day when I got back to Brantevik and of course tired in my legs after all the biking.

Biking at Österlen



Biking at Österlen

Day three: Brantevik to Kåseberga

My third day at Österlen I woke up a bit sore in my legs but filled with energy to continue exploring the beauty of this place. For the first day since I arrived it was a bit less windy. I started with a 10K run. This time I was hitting Skåneleden towards Kåseberga and had a fantastic experience while watching the ocean meeting the fields. Back home in Brantevik I took a shower and changed to biking friendly clothes before setting off towards Kåseberga.

To be a bit cultural I decided to go Ale Stenar in Kåseberga.  A must see I have heard but to be honest it was a tourist trap. Some stones at a hill. Not my cup of tea and I have seen many more cute villages on this trip so not worth it. After an ice cream I continued my bike ride towards the place I had been looking forward to since I left for this trip, the beach Sandhammaren.

Since I love beaches this was definitely the highlight of this trip. Kilometer after kilometer of soft sand. I went into the water for a swim, had a snack and walked around for a bit before biking back to Brantevik.

The biking path from Brantevik to Kåseberga wasn’t existing so you had to share the road with cars. It was fine though since there wasn’t that many cars this day but I can imagine that during peak season in the summer it won’t be that fun.

Running at Österlen



Running at Österlen

After spending three days of exploring Österlen by human power I am more than happy to recommend this activity. It was a great way to see this coast and I am very happy I went on this trip. Let me know if you have any questions.

/ Pernilla that was exploring Skåne by human foot


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