Visit Malmö

I cannot even remember the last time I was in Malmö so now when I have loads of time I decided to take a train down South and see what Malmö and Skåne have to offer.

Turning Torso

Magnificent right? I love buildings so the turning tower was a must. It was the first place I navigated to and the 190,4 meter tall landmark in Malmö was a check on my bucket list. I had only seen it from the sky before but standing right in front of it was special.

Malmö tourism


Malmö have several different squares. Like Stortorget below. They are lively marketplaces surrounded by old buildings that now serve as hotels and boutiques. You can also buy fresh products like strawberries from local farmers to enjoy later on in one of the many parks.



The city center is surrounded by water. Throughout the city center a canal is floating and you can take boat tours there or rent a kayak or SUP board. Also sitting alongside it people watching is a good idea on sunny summerdays.


Västra hamnen

This area you cannot miss out. It was my favorite one and started like a construction project when Kockums and other heavy industries no longer operated in the area. Now the area is filled with apartments and parks and loads of boats. It feels like far away from the city but it is just a few kilometers away.


Apart from eating you can take a swim here overlooking the bridge across Öresund to Denmark. I enjoyed a great Italian ice cream here.

Malmö tourism


The inner city in Malmö have several big parks that you need to stop by at. Slottsträdgården where also the casino is located in is a perfect spot for relaxing or running.


While I was checking out parks I also went for a morning run one day and discovered every corner of the most famous one, Pildamsparken.


I mean, look at the trees below. Impossible to not stop by for a photo weather you are out for a stroll or run.


Reflections from Malmö

First when I got here and walked through the city square to find my hotel I was more or less thinking hmm… this doesn’t look that much fun but after a short while I really liked the city and vibe. It feels international and with the proximity to Copenhagen it feels like a Swedish version of it. It’s charming. And the ocean. The ocean gives another dimension of the city. There are of course beaches and places to swim here but that is a separate chapter. Malmö is definitely worth a visit for one or two days.

/ Pernilla discovering Sweden


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