Biking vacation

Have you ever dreamt about biking around Gotland? The 500 kilometer track is rather famous and I was considering doing it as the final project when I ended my senior high school but decided to go for an information campaign about anti-doping. However, the track is still there and if you would like to try it out you should. Dreams are there to fulfill, right? If not, you can always bike a bit. That is what I did during my Gotland trip.

Day trip South of Visby

I did not bring my own bike for this long weekend since I was only planning to bike for one day. Instead I rented one from Gotlands cykeluthyrning that is convenient located in Visby harbor. 150:- for a day, 600:- for a week (May, 2020) for a standard 7 geared bike. If you want to enjoy a day at the bike and actually see something I think you should be able to bike around 40-50 kilometers. Either you go North or South of Visby or head into the country to Roma which is 18K away. I decided to go South this time.


Biking paths and practical info

The paths was very well marked everywhere I went and of great quality all the way down to Västergarn where construction was in place. I planned going all the way to Klintehamn but decided to stop a bit before since the wind was very strong and I wanted a nice route. The way Visby to Tofta strand is 16K and there is a perfect bike path. If you head the landside route one way you will bike on driving paths. I would though suggest that you don’t go biking in the peak season since the traffic is heavy all around the island. This time of the year was perfect and I can also imagine the fall to be. You should bring a map since your phone might not have coverage everywhere and something to eat and drink since you don’t know if you find something along the road all the time.


Tofta beach

16K from central Visby you find Tofta beach. It is famous for being a great location to swim and surf so I headed there as my first stop. I wasn’t that impressed though. It was a beach but I have seen better ones and can just imagine how many people are there in the summer. Thanks but no thanks. On the way there I took a detour and stopped by Ygne. I would rather recommend to go there if you want to cool off.



Gotland is filled with old churches so if you are interested in old buildings you should definitely check some out. Or maybe go for a church hunt to see all of them?


Landscape of Gotland

It was fantastic to bike around for a day. I was out from 9 until 16 and saw a lot from the two wheels. From coastal landscape, to forests, beaches and the daily life at the countryside. Biking through the island is an exciting way to being a tourist and I would definitely recommend it. You can see a lot, get fresh and excessive in the same time. And it is environmental friendly.

Cykla på Gotland

Södra Hällarna

Only 3 kilometers from the city center of Visby you find a nature reserve that deserves a stop. That is Södra Hällarna so here I took a walk to explore the place. You find well paved walking routes suiting everyone in different fitness conditions and shows all kinds of nature represent at the island. Since it is not that far from the city the place is also suitable for a walk or run.

Cykla på Gotland

Cykla på Gotland

Cykla på Gotland

I could definitely recommend to rent a bike (or bring your own) if you are heading to Gotland. Maybe you already been there and have discovered gems that I have not done by bike?


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