Destination Gotland

A week before I boarded the ship towards Gotland my booking finger pressed the button at Although current travel restrictions right now say you can go 1-2 hours from home I decided to go to Gotland which is just a bit more than 3 hours and 20 minutes from the mainland. I haven’t been to the island in 32(!) years so it was about time to get back since I don’t have any own memories from the place. I did though heard stories from photos where I was at Kneipbyn and got the soda water from Pippi Longstockings tree which I didn’t liked so my dad had to shake it to get rid of the bubbles and when I wanted to run up to the stage to get close to my idol Pippi. Well, that is history and time to make new memories.

Getting from Stockholm to Gotland

Either you can fly or you can take the boat. This time I decided to go for the boat leaving Nynäshamn so I took the commenter train to Nynäshamn station and walked the 500 meters to the ferry terminal. I haven’t been to Nynäs before either so I decided to go early to have a look in the harbor. It was a cozy area where you could buy food, ice cream and drinks from small food stalls. The weather was stunning, finally spring! I walked around at the jetty and noticed that the water was very clear compared to the city. Almost felt like the west coast. Then it was time to board and takeoff towards the island. It was me and 370 fellow travelers.

The ship, M/S Visby

Built in 2003 M/S Visby was going to bring me and my fellow passengers for 3 hours at the Baltic sea. It was perfect conditions and I watched the coastline until we passed the lighthouse at Utö and came to the deep blue sea. The ship had everything you wished for, food for purchase, a shop and different seating options. I reserved a basic seat and it was perfectly fine. No luxury, nothing to complain about. Just perfect.


This time of the year the tourist season starts and so does also higher prices of living. Due to the low booking figures now most options was rather cheap and available when I booked the trip ten days before leaving. I wanted to stay at a cozy place in the city center so I booked Villa Borgen. I really liked the place when I researched Instagram and when I got there it was some minor Corona adjustments like the breakfast buffet was replaced by order yourself at a nearby bakery and there was self check in. Worked perfectly fine though since we weren’t that many guests. I am traveling solo this time and they have the perfect solo traveler rooms. I also met another girl traveling by herself so I could recommend it forward.

Upon writing this I am sitting down at cozy cafe Brödboden where the hotel I booked offers breakfast during the low season. I had a delicious fresh baked bread, smoothie and coffee and also got a bun to bring with me for a fika stop on today’s adventure.

Further adventures

Gotland is a popular island to bike all around. I have no ambition to do so but rather like to discover pieces I am really interested in by bike. There is a lot to do from amazing nature, outdoor sports, cultural things, beaches and history. Simply there is something for everyone here. If you don’t bring your own car there is an excellent network of local busses that can bring you around to most places on the island. Rent a cabin, bring your tent or stay at a cozy hotel. How you would like to have your visit here is up to you.

Sounds like a summer dream right?

/ Pernilla at Gotland

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  1. Åkte med metallfågeln Jönköping-Stockholm-Visby (och tillbaka) 1987 så skulle göra likadant i dag när det är aktuellt 😉

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