Kungsholmen – an innercity island

Stockholm city is built up on several different islands. One of them close to my heart (and home) is Kungsholmen. I go there almost every day for activities, swimming, running, meeting friends or shopping and I would definitely recommend a tour there to everyone coming to Stockholm in order to get a glimpse of the local life. People in all different ages lives on the island and I would say it is a middle class community. According to the statistics the highest number of single households in Stockholm are located there. So if you havn’t found your loved one, maybe this is the place to go?


The circuit around the island

If you rent a bike, take a walk or a run you can get all around the island at paved paths. I love to take the run around the island and have done that many, many times. Every year several running races also takes place here for example Kungsholmen runt so if you are into running or want to be it is a good race to start with. If you are more into water sports I could recommend renting a canoe and paddle around the island. It takes a couple of hours but I promise it is an unforgettable memory. Taking the route around the island is a must do in Stockholm.


Hidden gems

Inside the island there are a couple of hidden spots so don’t forget to explore the inside of the island. For example you can find small and cozy parks, cafés and local bars. The blue subway line takes you to various parts of the island but if you prefer buses there are several routes aswell. Check out SL.sefor more info about local transport.


Restaurants, bars and cafés

If you prefer more local and relaxed places than at Stureplan you find them here. In the summer I love to get to Mälarpaviljongen to watch sunsets or having a drink at Piren at Hornsbergsstrand. Or eat a take away pizza from Meno Malein any park, bring food from some of the many restaurants at Hornsbergsstrand and eat after taking a swim, have tapas at Mamas and tapas. In the winter there are also several good places and among my favorite ones is Trattorian. Simply said, there are many great places to eat at this island. If you are into a late night out you also find several options. A local club that I often have fun at is Lemon bar.


Local life at Kungsholmen

As said, there are a lot of places to live at this island. Although there are quite a few big companies that have their HQs there like Skandia, Elektrolux and Lantmännen there is also a mix of new and old apartments. If you visit Kungsholmen as a tourist you just have to walk one block away from the major circle route and you will feel like a local.



If you thought Sweden was for polar bear skinned people you were wrong. Even in the city center you find several great places where you can take a swim. The small beach below is at Smedsuddsbadet.

Other good places for swimming is Fredhäll where you can get into lake Mälaren from cliffs and Hornsbergsstrand where you find amazing sunsets.


Staying active

Kungsholmen is filled with activities and the center of them is located at Rålambshovsparken. There you can do almost any sport from basketball, play boule at the newely re-opened Boulebar, play volleyball, skate, leave kids to play, rent kayaks, go to the outdoor gym, join outdoor group training sessions and so on. If you are hungry there is always a line of foodtrucks waiting to serve you. In August every year there is also outdoor movie screenings for a week during Stockholm film festival.


What else?

I would say that I really enjoy a visit to Kungsholmen. There is always something going on there in a relaxed and layback pace. If you forgot to buy something you find the mall Västermalmsgallerian in the central part of the island where you have all major shops at an armlenghts distance. That was it. Questions on that?

/ Pernilla working her the way though Stockholm during Corona times

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