I just spent two weeks at Malta for business purpose. If you follow my Instagram (runwaytoadventures) you probably seen that. I have managed to snap quite many picturesque views but that is not the whole reality so let me show you some behind the scenes stories.

A typical day at Malta


I been to Malta for work just to clarify for once and for all so no one should think something else, which I heard. Of course we don’t work 24-7 every day but a normal workingday is around 9-10 hours and often ends around 8-9pm. Weekends and holidays included. During my two weeks here at the island I had two lighter days with just a few hours of work. So no vacation.

Beach walk


This part is my favorite one of Malta. The beach walk. When I was here 20 years ago it was also there but just a pavement. The scenery is great and running there along the ocean is fantastic. But there are holes here and there so you have to watch where you put your feets and suddenly the way is over and you run into a trashcan. That is true. Like the rest of the island, the infrastructure reminds me of a post war environment.



The enviromentalist concerned side of me think that the world have a lot bigger problems than vacationing people when people in European countries that should know better just through their garbage outside on the streets. That is the reality at this island and the cats that are all around are well fed I have to say.



The natural beauty of a Mediterranean island is there but not everywhere. Many streets looks like this picture. Houses that need both paint and renovation. Windows with cracked glass is part of the infrastructure here.

Outdoor areas


I really enjoy going out on walks exploring but one day when I was out I suddenly came into a zone where you got warned to watch out for explosives. Well, I can tell that I left immediately.



During the same walk I ended up at another restricted area where some houses stood all alone left to their destiny. Either that or partially constructed housing is part of the views here. All around the island.



The iconic yellow and red buses that I remembered from my previous visit here are long gone replaced by modern ones. The bus network is though covering every bit and piece of the island but probably people would like to travel to their destinations their own way since every street is crowded with cars and don’t think about the rush hour when it is time to go to and from work.

Do you still think Malta is a paradise island? or maybe you didn’t thought so. If I would recommend it for a vacation. Well, lets put it this way, if you need sun and a stable climate and stay at a nice hotel go. If not and if you are looking for beaches go somewhere else. I wouldn’t recommend go here for vacation if you had no special reason. There are a lot of beautiful places in the world and this island is not one of them. Sorry Malta you didn’t qualify to my list of nice places.

/ Pernilla that is not impressed of Malta


  1. Inte riktigt en rättvisande bild av Malta där jag bodde i två år. Det finns både fint och fult, beroende på vart man tittar. Man behöver ju inte ta kort på sopor. Samma sopsystem finns i stora delar av Europa. Om du hade ansträngt dig hade du nog hittat något vackert.

  2. Eftersom att jag har bott i Malta är min syn lite annorlunda. Vad det gäller soporna så ställer man mycket riktigt ut dem på trottoaren kvällen innan. Dessutom är det olika sopor olika dagar i veckan. Sen när det gäller husen investerar många malteser i tomter. För att sen bara att rulla tummarna tills markpriserna stiger. Därför kan man ofta se nybyggda hotell vägg i vägg med en ruin. Samtidigt skönmålas Malta lite för mycket och det är bra med en nyanserad bild av ön. Men vilket resmål har inte sina baksidor?

    1. Självklart har alla resmål sina baksidor. Även Sverige, jag är ingen Sverige fan och ser många brister även där. Inlägget var ett inlägg om Malta och jag skulle kunna skriva ett kritiskt om varje plats jag besöker. Finns inga perfekta ställen vad jag har hittat på vår jod.

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