Going places you never thought of

The world is filled with beautiful places. Some of them you never heard of, or absolutely not thought you would ever be going to. North Ireland was one of those places for me. If I had not been on a business trip to Shannon, Ireland I would probably have missed out the beautiful coastline of the North Ireland. But thanks to that and thanks to a colleague that I am traveling with which also likes to explore places I ended up there. In my 83rd country (yes, I count it, it is on the been app.). Have you heard of Giant’s Causeway? or maybe been there?


What is Giant’s Causeway and how to get there?

Giant’s Causeway is a collection of lava rocks. They have a unique octagon shape and the landscape around it is stunning. The wild North Atlantic ocean are meeting the rocks while green hills are protecting them from inland wind. It is a stunning beauty made by Mother nature that was awarded as one of UKs heritages.

The closest big city is Belfast which is about an hour drive from there and if you don’t have your own car you can go there on a tour like Charlotte did. You don’t have to pay to enter the area but you need to pay for parking or if you would like to take a bus instead of walking. It was not far to walk, around 1,5 kilometer so if you are able to you should do that to not miss out anything. There are also several hikes and the whole place reminds me of Faeroe islands. You drive to one place, then you walk an hour or two and drive to the next place.


Giant’s Causeway

I was so to say blown away of this place. Blown by the wind and the beauty. I love the ocean and could look at its enormous power for hours. We came there quite early so luckily there wasn’t many tourists. Also the fact it was the 1st of February when visiting helped out. I can just imagine how many people it will be there during the summer when all Americans looking for their roots, all Chinese on holiday and Europeans also are out to explore places. It is quite nice to go places during low season for that reason. Weather wise Ireland is Ireland. Rain is something that come with a visit. The same with wind. Part of the package right?

Stones, stones, stones and more stones. That has been the theme of my travels during 2020 this far. First Malta and now Ireland. I love good surprises and this was really one. I never ever thought I would go here but now I can really recommend it to everyone that would like to go somewhere different yet civilized. I mean, look at the pictures I took, they can speak their own words.





Giants Causeway



Giant’s Causeway, something to add to your bucketlist or would you skip it?

/ Pernilla that really enjoyed the rainy and windy tour to Northern Ireland


  1. Irland har alltid varit lite lockande, men i Småland regnar och blåser det också, det finns lika mycket sten och mer därtill och turister och natur… men inte ett lika fattigt land. Ett par goa joggveckor vid oceanen då kanske 😉

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