Where to travel during the winter

Last week it got cold again here in Stockholm. The days are also getting shorter and it is really dark. Myself I always think that “this dark wasn’t it last year” but comes with the age I suppose. During the winter I try to travel as much as I can and hope to be able to do so also this year. Here comes some recommendations of great places you should put up on your winter escape list.

City vacation

Tel Aviv

I have only passed through the immigration to Israel once but when I did it I completely fell in love with the country. Although the beach weather won’t persist the whole winter the temperature will be suitable for sightseeing and there is a lot to see and do both in the city and without the city boundaries. Jerusalem is nearby as well as the dead sea. Further South you will find Elait where I have not been but can imagine what a jem it would be. Here you can read about why I love Tel Aviv.

Adventure vacation

Costa Rica

Myself, I started off this year in Costa Rica and had a blast. I just went to Manuel Antonio national park but there are many and the capital San Jose. The country is perfect for explorers, surfers and nature lovers. Here you can find an electronic postcard I sent from Costa Rica.

Beach vacation


The exchange rate SEK against USDs doesn’t make a trip to Florida like a bargain this winter but it doesn’t need to be cheap in order to be a great vacation spot. Or what do you think? do you rather invest more money and get quality or less and have a soso experience? Florida is right all year around I think. Weather you are longing for just laying at the Miami beach or doing a roadtrip around the state. Here you can read about when I did a roadtrip at the West coast of Florida.

Family vacation

Canary islands

I don’t have a family but I have been part of one. During the winters we did like many others escaped a week or two to the Canary islands. I got so many great memories from those trips and I still think it is a perfect winter escape for those seaking the sun, beach and a moderate level of exploration.

Ski trip

Georgia skiing

In February I went to Georgia for skiing and absolutely loved it. I am already counting on getting back again. The skiing was amazing and the weather alike. If you are looking for a bit by Scandinavians unexplored ski resort this is the place to go. Here you can read about skiing in Georgia.

Do you have any great winter escapes to share with your friends when they ask about where to go during the dark months of the year?

/ Pernilla that loves to share amazing places


  1. Very good suggestions, and totally with you on the Canaries! We go to Fuerteventura every year (usually with a day trip to Lanzarote included) and love it so much we plan to spend the whole autumn and winter there next year! Which island(s) have you visited? I want to visit them all one day!

    1. Sounds awesome to leave here for the whole winter. Wish I also could… the only thing I will miss is skiing but that I just wanna do whenever I want to so wouldn’t miss it so much (am actually never done when living abroad). I have only been to the big island. Think I would like to see furtuventura also.

  2. Stockholm is never dark! 😉 All the lights everywhere makes the sky glow even during the winter half year. So for the ones who haven´t experienced darkness for real I suggest a trip to Dark Småland 😉

    1. I used to live in Jönköping for two years during my university years and worked for a real estate company so traveled all around Småland 🙂 I know the drill! 🙂 I prefer sun and warm weather.

      1. Traveling around is not the same as living in a Place for real. I still believe that light is more welcomed when it is reached from a black hole! 😉

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