Postcard from Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio national park

At the 27th of December I arrived to Manuel Antonio national park. A four hour bus ride outside of the capital San Jose and I was in one of the most popular national parks in Costa Rica. All green and lushy. I was in the rain forest. Far from any rainforest cafe or Mc Donald’s. Far from the city and civilization. Actually it is pretty civilized but more of a Central American vacation destination. It is fantastic here. I am here doing yoga, hanging at beaches, exploring and just have vacation. Here comes a best-of-so-far summary of my days in the park.

Manuel Antonio

The sunrises are magic. Worth getting up at 6:30 am to see.

The beach is just fantastic. Don’t expect coral blue water – it is still the Pacific Ocean we talk about. It is palm trees and greenery all around. A beach different from other beaches I been to.

Expect the unexpected. A hotel consisting of an old Boeing 727 aircraft used to fly for South African and Avianca. In the rainforest.

See loads of surfers waiting to catch the perfect wave. Loads of beginners and me, that was not getting back to try out surfing again this time either.

Instead I have been doing yoga and going to the gym. Running here is something to avoid. The streets are narrow and it is so hilly.

I have been watching magical sunsets each and every day. Can’t get enough of that.

And I have been having a drink or two at the hotel or a nearby place. I expected a lot from my visit to Manuel Antonio and honestly I got it all. Beautiful scenery, training, relaxing time and socialization. You don’t need to go to any of all retreats here in Costa Rica. Just bring yourself and go to Manuel Antonio. Simple as that!

Of course I will share more hard facts from what I figured during this trip but that sent postcard details – right?

/ Pernilla that enjoy the rainforest life


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