Weekend trip to Budapest

I knew Budapest was a popular weekend destination so I also wanted to try it out. To bad though that SAS is not flying directly from Stockholm so I had to fly with Finnair which was a bit more inconvenient but it worked. After spending Friday afternoon traveling I arrived in Budapest and after a weekend in the city I can conclude the following about the city.


There are burger places in literary every corner. The Hungarians must love burgers.

Trendy bars

And bars, and beer. There are great places to sit down, chill and socialize all around the city.

Fantastic constructions

Here I mean FANTASTIC. The whole inner city is filled with huge buildings one nicer than the other. Anyone else that is a huge fan of decorative buildings and constructions?

Sporty people

My impression was that the city was well made for doing sports. And people did in general looked quite fit. Along the river Donau there were a steady stream of joggers and people were biking.


In the city I couldn’t see a lot of graffiti but there were places where you could spot great street art. Especially in the area near the ruin bars.

Spa lovers

You can really see that the Turkish people had a great influence over the culture. Other than kebab places sharing the customers with the burger places there are a lot of spas in the city of Budapest. I went to one of the big ones, Szechenyi, where I tried out the different pools and saunas for hours. I will make a post just about this if you wanna know more.


Budapest is also filled with a lot of beautiful churches. One of the largest synagogues in the world are located there so I guess you already figured there are a lot of Jews in the city.

Old Mets new

Budapest was a city where old Mets new and where wats meet West. I thought it fel a bit like Moscow, Paris and New York. The east European atmosphere while on the same time adopting quickly to global trends.

I really enjoyed the city and hopefully you have also done so if you already been in Budapest. If not, hope this was some inspiring facts making your booking finger get you a ticket. Questions on that?

/ Pernilla that fall in love with Budapest


  1. Wish I had your traveling capacity so I could see what you are seeing through your eyes! The post reminds me of my club record (2010) from Uppsala in 100 km ultrarunning: very distant, very difficult and still standing! 😉

      1. Haha, you may seem interested… only some 1600 km from here: can be made in sub one month or so…

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