How to spend a weekend in the Frankfurt area

Germany has always been a country full of surprises to me. Like a kinder egg. Every time o go there I like it more. There German term of “ordnung” is maybe one of the reasons I like to go there. You know what you get, most things is straight forward and it is very similar to Sweden. I also like the small communities outside of the big cities. Where everyone has a lot of space, where the nature is nearby and cows are eating around the corner. Last weekend I spent in the Frankfurt area together with friends from when I lived in Singapore. Twelve years ago we were exchange students having the time of our life’s in South East Asia and now many years later we still keep in touch and meet up for travels a few times a year. Last time was in Beirut in April this time in Frankfurt where one of us lives.


Welcome to Germany

The weekend started in the perfect way. Of course we flew to Germany with the German airline Lufthansa . After arrival we spent Friday evening sitting in the garden, having cheese and wine while catching up. It was probably the last hot weekend of summer 2019 so we were very lucky that could sit outside. Having wine and cheese with a bunch of friends is never boring.

Wine and cheese

Saturday in the city

On Saturday we started the day to watch one of my friends kid playing his first soccer game. They were so cute. 5 years old and who knows if there will be a future German soccerstar we saw?


Then we drove to the city of Frankfurt to have a nice brunch at an outdoor cafe. The citycenter is usually quite calm during weekends but this weekend there was a wine festival so many people were aiming for that. It was a festival atmosphere in the city but not to difficult to find a brunch spot.


The sun was shining and it was above 30 degrees so we decided to cool off taking a river cruise at Rhein river. Something I could really recommend if you go to Frankfurt. It cost 10€ for an hour and you can have a coffee or sweet while watching the skyline of the new financial hub in Europe. The central bank just moved there as a result of Brexit and I guess that was not the first important institution that moved from the UK due to Brexit.


When we were done with the city we went back home for yet another evening in the garden. Chitchatting and doing BBQ was the theme. And who want’s to miss out a sunset? we walked out to the fields and saw the yellow bowl disappear over the mountains in the Hessen area.


Sunday mode

After a good nights sleep we woke up to Sunday number 35 of the year. We decided to go to a nearby city called Bad Neuheim to have brunch and go for a walk in the park. I really liked this place. The brunch had all locally produced food so it was very fresh and the garden setting was perfect. It was an interesting city known for baths where you shower in salt and mineral water which is good for your heath. This Sunday they also had a meetup for old cars so we walked by and saw some very nice ones.





Then we hugged each other good bye and it was time for two of us to fly back to Sweden and two to drive back to Holland.

This was a how to spend a weekend in Frankfurt in the summertime, one and a half year ago we did the city during the winter and HERE you can find out what we did then.

Isn’t it quite funny, ten years ago I said that I would never visit Germany, then I even lived there for half a year and now I enjoy going there for vacations and could definitely see myself living there again. I had a bad perception about Germany after taking german courses in school (which I didn’t enjoyed at all) and after reading the history books. Well, life changes and life is a long journey filled of learnings. Anyway, this will end my story about how to spend a weekend in Germany.

/ Pernilla

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