Visit Holland

Same procedure every year. That is usually not my thing but with reservations. Seeing my friends in Holland is a tradition I stick to. Last Friday I left work earlier than normal and jumped on a SAS plane with destination Amsterdam. A train ride later I reached Utrecht where my friends live. The dinner was served and we had a catch up since last we met in Frankfurt a few months ago.

Saturday in Utrecht


My friend have moved to a new house since last time and they renovated most of it and I really liked the style. They are actually renting out their place for Airbnb guests aswell. If I ever get the opportunity to have a big place where I can host guests I would love to do that. Following our tradition we started the day with a huge breakfast at home including extra everything.


The weather was perfect for outdoor activities so we went out for a walk. It turned out to be a very long walk though but the surroundings were very nice.  A huge park is next to their place and there is water everywhere.


I was impressed by the many nice houses. The one who spread the word that everyone lives close up to eachother in Holland was laiing. We stopped by at a cozy café to have a drink. I been to Utrecht quite some times now but often to different parts since my friend has been moving a lot.

Evening in Utrecht


In the evening we went into the city center. I really like it, it is like a small Amsterdam without all the tourists. It is very beautiful and worth a visit if you are going to Holland. There are a lot of good bars and clubs. Our evening started with drinks and dinner at one place before we turned over and did a cultural activity.

Weekend in Holland

Actually really cultural. We went to a classical concert (who am I?). A colleague of my friend was performing and they were very professional. Then we continued to some more bars before the evening was over.



Sunday and after breakfast I headed off to Amsterdam to run the half marathon. Time to say goodbye to the cat and my friends. How that went you can read about HERE. It was not my longest visit to Utrecht but always nice to have a catchup.


Holland is far more than Amsterdam. Just so you know. It is also easy to travel around and I really recommend to visit parts outside of Amsterdam if you have the chance. I been to quite many cities and traveled across the country and have to say that Utrecht is my favorite city. The Hauge is very beautiful but Utrecht has it all. Have you been around in Holland? if so, found any favorite place?

/ Pernilla that enjoy seeing non touristy parts of destinations


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