Running in Amsterdam

Amstedam halfmarathon

Time for another race report. This time from TCS Amsterdam Mizuno half marathon that took place Sunday the 20th of August 2019 in Amsterdam. It was my second year (race report form last year to be found HERE) I participated in the race but this year I leveled down from marathon to half marathon. Mainly because I wanted to sleep in on Sunday morning and not get up as early as the marathon require. The half marathon was a smashing success like the marathon when it came to organization. One of the better ones I have been running in the world. Everything was efficient, the course scenic and flat and the amount of eats and drinks during the run was everywhere so you could had an energy boost when it suited you. And not to talk about the entertainment around the course. It was DJs playing house and live bands.

Pre race


I didn’t went to Holland to run the marathon only, I also visited a friend in Utrecht so the half marathon was a bonus. After a nice breakfast at my friends place I took the train to Amsterdam. Picked up my bib at the expo and left my bag in the bag deposit.


Thanks to my work I got a TCS sponsored VIP spot so I had access to the runners lounge located centrally at the Olympic Stadium. I also went there very quick before the race to visit the bathroom and had a smoothie from the smoothie bar. Then it was time. I realized the race was starting in 15 minutes so I had to run out from the Olympic stadium to my coral. Always last minute. But good warmup and I had time to both make some insta stories and take a few photos before it was time.

First half


I had what so ever no expectations for this run. I wasn’t chasing any time and I would be fine finishing in 2 hours or 1:45. Or faster. But in my mind I always think that faster is better. I connected my GPS watch and took it by volley. Started to run and then I would see. I did immediately felt that my legs were in running mode so I was just running in my own pace not challenged by my watch. Checked up on the watch when it beeped when I crossed a kilometer mark. I knew the the course was flat and easy to run so all elements for a fast race is there if you go to Amsterdam. In my thoughts I prepared my race report during the run and I thought it would be a far funnier story to write if I managed to run faster than 1:45. Sub 1:45 is a milestone for me differentiating good or acceptable races. The first 10K felt easy. Time wise I was on track for sub 1:45. No reason to give up now.

The second part


Suddenly half the race was over. My left leg started to cramp a little since I tied my shoe to hard. First it started with the foot and I couldn’t feel any blood coming through then it spread up to my calf. I didn’t wanted to stop because I was in a good flow but I did. Stopped and re-ties my shoes, for the sake of the goodness I re-tied both. I had a fair margin to sub 1:45 and I thought it was better stop and fix the shoes rather than keep on going with a soon completely cramping calf. And it worked. It wasn’t really tough at any point this day. I was just running and really enjoyed the race from the start to the beginning.


Amstedam halfmarathon

After 1:44:45 I finished the 21Ks. A good day at work so to say. I was very satisfied with my accomplishment when I crossed the finish line at the Olympic stadium. The conditions were perfect and nothing to complain about. Send someone out to time me and I promiss to do what I can. Place 362 out of 5972 female runners.

After run at the TCS Lounge


After 21K (or 42K) it always feels great to walk right into a lounge. Like when flying and you don’t want to just lay in the grass. I was invited to the TCS lounge so I went there when I finished to have yet another smoothie and an apple before going to the shower area and get ready for leaving Holland for this time. Normally I don’t bring my suitcase to races but here I did twice.

Amstedam halfmarathon

I always appreciate a visit to Holland and combining it with running a race makes the weekend even better. Bye the way, I wasn’t the only Swede running today. There was actually a Swedish guy, Marcus Åberg, that I know from social media that won the half marathon race at 1:06:xx. Impressing! Anyone else that has been running any races abroad lately? Or have one to look forward to?

/ Pernilla that return home happy with her half marathon accomplishment

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