Street art

Do you like art? Going to museums and imagine that paintings look like one or another thing is not my cup of tea, but checking out outdoor art is a big passion of mine while traveling. Recently when I was in Hong Kong I googled where to find the best pieces of street art and went to check them out myself. And they were brilliant. Better than any manmade museum.

Where to find street art in Hong Kong?

Just nearby the popular clubbing district LKG (Lan Kwai Fong) and also in the North Terrerories close to 10 000 buddhas monastery in Pai Tau Village you find quite a lot of great street art. Here comes my favorite pieces that I found during my art walk.

Art gallery






Do you like street art? And Stockholmers do you have any great street art places that is worth passing by for a look?

/ Pernilla in street art watching mode


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