Melbourne street art scene

During the spring I was in Melbourne visiting a friend living there. She was working during the days so I had the time for myself doing sightseeing and one thing I did was exploring the street art scene. I am not good at art myself and making painting is not a talent of mine but watching street art or photo art things I really enjoy doing. Melbourne had one street in the city center where local street art artists were allowed to paint the walls so I went there with my camera to make memories out of it. So let me present my favorite pic’s from the street art scene down under.

Art gallery

Art in Melbourne


Art in Melbourne



How to find street art in a city?

Like the answer on so many other questions I would say google it. That is how I found out about the art street in Melbourne. And the one in Hong Kong. I know that some people are provoked about paint on buildings in cities. I am that aswell but for me it is a huge difference between just painting tags in order to show that you have been there or actually add a unique piece of art. I do think that many cities should reconsider their view on street art and allow it at certain places. It can actually work as a tourist attraction in suburbs if it is done in the correct way. There are many good artist out there so why not give them the opportunity to show their talent even if they do not fit into regular art museums?

/ Pernilla that like street art


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