Luxary training center in Stockholm

In early November 2022 a new training center opened in central Stockholm. Ignite Training Hub. The gym position itself as an upscale fitness center focusing on indoor biking, high intensive training and yoga and a gym in a night club setting. The concept is similar to the neighbor Barry’s bootcamp which is located in the same block but the range of classes is larger than Barry’s. I do personally not see a market for this gym but I been wrong before. When I had the opportunity now I went there to try out a few classes and here are my thoughs.

Concept and pricing

The hub had very appealing interior. It felt like a luxary training center with very welcoming and personal staff from the first step. Price wise it is rather expensive compared to traditional gyms like SATS, Nordic Wellness and Friskis & Svettis. If you purchase a single class it will cost you app 30 EUR (299 SEK, Nov22) and a month of unlimited training is 350 EUR (3 490 SEK, NOV22). You will though get a fair share of extras like premium yoga mats from Lululemon, the latest fitness equipment’s and who doesn’t like to wash of the hands with exclusive soap? If you purchase a monthly membership you get a personal locker, washing of your training clothes, an amenity kit, a water bottle and one hour with a PT.

The classes are catering around 30 members at a maximum so around half the size of above mentioned competitors.

Personally I think the gym is a perfect location for hosting training events or if you want to treat yourself with a training experience out of the ordinary and not a gym you go to a couple of days a week year after year.

Yoga at the soul

The first time I went to Ignite was for a lunch Hatha yoga class with Sofie Bellis. She has been a yoga teacher for a while now and I really enjoy her practices. It is always a good flow and she really takes care of the clients with personal coaching and making sure everyone is seen. We were a rather small group this lunch but the room was perfect for a small team.

Before the class started each of us got to pick a card with a special meaning and I often think this kind of things are bullshit but frankly speaking I have been thinking about the meaning of the card I picked for a few hours now.

The gym

Before I started my yoga class I walked into the gym to have a look. At that time there were no people there so plenty of space for yourself. All equipment’s were the latest versions and it was very fresh. I personally prefer a gym in daylight setting.

The bike hub

The bike hub was very appealing to me. I didn’t had any opportunity to try out a class but it felt like a spacious place for classes. It has been a while since I went to any indoor biking classes but could definitely think about joining one here.

The studio

In this studio you can try out the Ignite concept. It is supposed to be similar to Barry’s bootcamp and SATS newest addition with night club inspired training where you max out your pulse. I really loved both above mentioned classes and concepts and I am sure I will also like the Ignite class if I try it out. This concept where you max out yourself with doing intervals of running and strength exercises is something I love.

Have you been to Ignite training hub yet or do you feel for going there to check out what your maximum heart beat can turn in to? Myself I hope to get back one time to try out the Ignite class.

/ Pernilla that loves to try out new training concepts

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