One day in Verona, Italy

The last day during my Italy trip this summer I decided to stop by Verona. It wasn’t initially in my plan but when a friend recommended it and there was a good possibility to fly back home from Verona airport I couldn’t resist seeing yet another city in beautiful Italy. So off I went. It took just over 1,5 hours by bus to get there from Lake Garda and a steaming hot summerday I got welcomed to the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Not ideal to walk around over the cobblestone streets dragging my suitcase behind me but it worked. And called for several drinks and gelato breaks since the temperature was above 30 degrees. I did immediately got impressed by this city, wished I had more time but rushed through it so I did at least got to see the main highlights.

Romeo and Juliet

I am not a fan at all of Romeo and Juliet and I remember that during 9th grade we were forced to watch the three hour long theater at school but halfway in I was so bored so me and my friends escaped and instead looked around at internet to write our reviews of the play. Yes, internet existed also during my times in school. So waiting in the hour long line to get inside Juliet’s house where the famous balcony scene took place I did not do. The whole inner-city is though like a movie scene from the ancient times and no wonder it is classified as a UNESCO world heritage city. Believe me, it is beautiful weather you like Romeo and Juliet or not.

Walking though the streets of Verona

I really loved Florence when I visited it last summer and Verona reminded me about it. The city offers everything you can expect from an Italian city. Cozy streets, piazzas, churches, souvenir shops, loads of places to eat and drink and of course a bunch of American tourists. This summer it was a massive amount of Americans in Italy since they were allowed to enter Europe although we weren’t allowed to cross the Atlantic due to Covid. I wasn’t doing that much more than walking around enjoying the atmosphere. Sometimes you don’t need to do so much more. If you are in the area I can strongly recommend a visit. In one day you have the chance to see the most important things and if you spend more days you will for sure have covered the city center and can do some other activities like hiking in the scenic landscape nearby. Verona is really a place worth going to.

/ Pernilla that had a great day in Verona

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