Summertime in Venice

I broke my promise again. Sorry. Have been writing to many emails lately so ended up having no more words to spend on writing blogposts. Now it is off season for traveling again in Europe and a perfect time to visit touristy places like Venice. I went there in in mid July just before the main tourist season took off so had to share the popular city just with thousands of tourists not tens of thousands. I flew there with the early KLM morning flight from Stockholm and after a minimal connection I made it with the early flight to Venice so it took me just over four hours to go there. From the airport I went to the city with a boat. That I can highly recommend. There is no better way to start a Venice trip.

How many days does Venice deserve?

I would say two. But I made it one and was all fine. I walked 39 000 steps that day so got to see a lot but only managed the main island. The boat from the airport passed by some other islands that seemed to be interesting and there was another island with a beach that also were tempting. Hopefully the place won’t sink into the water before I have the chance to get back again. So if you want to see more than the main sights I would say you should keep it to a two day trip.

Italian beauty

Italy is one of my favorite countries in Europe for doing vacation in. I only been to one city that disappointed me in the whole country, Milan. Venice was as beautiful I expected (and even more). I have heard that there should be a lot of trash outside on the streets but it was nothing compared to the stone island further South were I spent last winter. The canals were just as beautiful as you could imagine. The whole Venice experience was like walking around in a postcard.

Before going to the real Venice I have only seen the fake version in Vegas, Dubai and Macau. Like most of the times the real version is the best. Also in this case. I suppose you don’t need a closer guide to what to see and do while in Venice. Walk, eat, drink and just be there is enough. World famous sights such as San Marco square, bell tower, Rialto bridge and the gondolas you will find without even looking. They will simply be just in-front of you.

If you get thirsty it won’t be a problem. There are cozy places to sit down and have a spritz or Limoncello all around the city. Or why not try a Bellini in Harry’s bar? Bellinis were actually invented in Venice.

Where to stay?

There are loads of hotels like any other touristy place. If you just going there for a day or two I would stay somewhere central but if you also would like to have a nice pool you should go for Hilton since they have a rooftop pool. But it is worth staying near the major sights and my best recommendation is to get up before everyone else and go out for a phototour.

With that said, Venice is well worth a visit. But go there during the off-season. Another check on my long-long travel list but now I am done with Europe travels for a while.

/ Pernilla longing for outside of Europe trips


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