Malta training report

One of the things I looked forward to before coming to Malta was to be able to be outdoors without freezing to death while running during the winter. One and a half month later I still appreciate every single day when I head out for a run or walk and don’t need to put on layer after layer with clothes, get wet and frozen feets from snow slush and darkness. But I miss skiing and I assume my colleagues are tired of me talking about snow at least once a day. I promised to share my training so here we go. Funny enough I saw that Freedom travel just posted 12 Malta activities.


If I do running, oh yes. 50-70K a week. During the weekend I do one longer run, during the week a few 10-12Kers before work and one interval session indoors. Fair enough. Unfortunately they canceled Malta marathon this year and although I don’t have any races to train for right now I hope that will change until I leave this island, I’m the last one to give up the hope. Online runs I have done one and will most likely not do any second since it doesn’t motivate me. But conditions for running here are good, 15 degrees in the morning and flat. Just the way I like it.


The days I don’t head out for a run I go to the gym. The hotel has a great gym with everything you need and loads of space so my standard workout is 60 minutes at the cross-trainer and 30 minutes of mixed strength training and stretching. I always loved the cross-trainer and doing that while listening to a POD is my favorite gym combo.

I also run my weekly intervals. Tomorrow I plan on doing a tough one, 10 min warmup, then 10 min with increase of 0,15K/minute every 2nd minute, then rest 3 minutes before second block of 10 min with speed increase followed by 8*45 sec in a fast pace and 6*30 sec in an even faster pace before 10 min slow jogg. Not sure if I am looking forward to Monday morning.

Fitness classes

Then we have the fitness classes. I have tried two but they wasn’t my cup of tea. I am to spoiled with SATS classes at home. Miss my Bodycombat, GRIT, Bodypump, Yoga and Transformers classes. Looked for Les Mills classes here but just found small group classes but I want the big group classes like when Nike still had events in the Globe arena in Stockholm and the whole floor was filled with people so if you stood near someone who kicked the wrong way you got a foot in your face. Those were the days.

Power walks

I take the opportunity to go outside as often as I can. Having one hour outside a day is a must for my well-being so I have been taking quite many walks here. Often combined with talking on the phone. Its nice though even though some phone calls tends to be a bit long and if you don’t keep to the main roads and explore small streets then your calls get cut off due to poor network. But I found some nice places for walks in the area.

Indoor sports

Last but not least we do have squash. I had only tried once before coming here and although we don’t play real squash it is modified and really fun. Hopefully also good practice for my upcoming paddle debut. Did I say that I want to take paddle classes when I get home? and tennis too. That has been on my bucketlist for years. Bad thing is though that most things at my bucketlist are training activities and I can’t almost manage more training than what I already do. Luxuary problem.

Training during corona times

That pretty much sums up my training at Malta during these corona times. Doesn’t really count but yesterday when we were at Intersport I tried several soccer balls and I knew I was missing it a lot so decided that I will play also the upcoming season, hopefully also some 7-a-side in Korpen. Think I just got some other training/activity ideas so will see if I manage to fulfill them before leaving the island. When I get home skiing is on the top of my list among things to do. What are you training right now?

/ Pernilla that can’t live without training

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