Visiting Puro beachclub in Illetas, Mallorca

Do you like to visit beachclubs? I love it. Best one in my life I have visited was Saadiyat beachclub in Abu Dhabi. One of the reasons going to Palma was to explore Puro beachclub in Illetas. It is a fairly new place and thus needs to be discovered.

It is located about 10K from central Palma and after googeling transport options we found out that you could take the local bus there. It was very convenient and took 30 minutes then we walked ten minutes.

How to spend a day at the beachclub

There were quite a few different options when booking a day at Puro beach and we decided to go for a package where you got entrance and breakfast for 50EUR/person (Sept-2020).

The bagel I took was really good and the orange juice that came with it was the best I ever had. And the view, million dollar one or what do you say?

After finishing our breakfast we dived into the natural pool aka Mediterranean sea. It was very warm after being heated up the whole summer. The fact that the beachclub itself had no pool wasn’t a minus. I thought it would be when we booked it but it was definitely not. I lost count on how many timed I went into the water during the day.

It was 30 degrees so perfectly hot to share a bottle of rosé while doing people watching and chitchatting. Tough life.

The beachclub had two different areas where sunbeds were placed. We decided to spend our day at the smaller area which was a perfect choice since the view was better there.

In the afternoon we ordered one gino each. Wow. I love deserts and this one was a desert worth its name. Huge and the best I ever had. I finished it all and got a sugar coma so deep I could not eat something more the whole day. Worth it though. But recommendation from the coach is to share it.

The beachclub was picture perfect. Every day since I got back I have dreamt about going back there. Would actually be a perfect home office now in corona times.

And look at the water. I just wanna dive in again. Puro beach Illetas is definitely a place where you should spend one day at if going to Palma. Don’t hesitate to go yourself if you are traveling solo. We saw a few people being there on their own. Its not a place to bring kids to though. Do you like to visit beachclubs? I love it and are already planning for the next visit.

/ Pernilla the beachclub lover


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