Beach club

Ski vacation vs beach vacation – what would you pick? I like both but if I had to pick one it would be beach vacation. Walking at endless white sandy beaches and spending days at beach clubs or hotels with lake sized pools could be the very best thing in life. During my last trip to Abu Dhabi I went to one very good beach club that I would recommend if you go there, Saadiyat Beach club located at the cultural project of Saadiyat island. An island which features luxury and leisure places like the recently opened Louvre in Abu Dhabi.

Visit Saadiyat beach club

Beach club

The beach club is located about 30 minutes by taxi from downtown Abu Dhabi. If you never been to a beach club, it is like visiting a hotel without staying there. It is not really cheap to go in but if you are a female traveler, look out for ladies deals since there are plenty of them around the world and try to match your schedule to go there those days. Even though United Arab Emirates is a muslim country visitors does not walk around at the beach club in burkinis and men and women are not separated except from changing rooms.

The pool


The main attraction at the beach club was not the beach, it was the pool. Not a huge as HUGE but a great one. The DJ that was playing non stop well mixed house and dance music mad a fantastic job creating the best atmosphere you could imagine.

The beach

Saadiyat beach

An almost empty white sanded beach is what you find outside the beach club. The ocean was soso to swim in but as a point of relaxing as well as taking a long walk it is a perfect location.

The food & drinks


Since you normally spend a full day at a beach club you need to eat and drink there. At this place the food looked fab but it was kind of tasteless. To eat I ordered sweet potato fries and a club sandwich. To drink the best thing I had was definitely an aperol spritz.

During my previous visit in Abu Dhabi I visited Yas beach club which I would also recommend especially if you are based at Yas island.

Going to a beach club is must do thing it if you are visiting UAE and like beach stuff. Other enjoyable vacation destinations if you like to spend your days at beach clubs are Singapore, Spain, Italy, France and Florida.

Fellow travel mates, what is your relation to beachclubing during vacations? a waste of time or a fun activity? I can completely understand if people consider it to be weird to leave the hotel pool and spend a day at a similar place calling it beach club but in my mind it is same-same but different.

/ Pernilla that enjoy spending days at beach clubs


  1. Känns som det är årets populäraste ställe att fira jul på Dubai eller Abu Dhabi, alla bloggare åker ju dit=) Kanske dags, har aldrig varit lockad då jag med mina fördomar tänkt att det är inget för mig, kulturlöst, fejkat, pengaindustri och kass kvinnosyn. Jag tror jag kan ha helt fel och måste nog börja fundera på en trip dit.

    1. Tycker absolut att du ska fundera på en trip till UAE, men jag rekommenderar starkt Abu Dhabi framför Dubai. Mer genuint även om det är mycket look-at-me, look-at-this glitter and glam där också!

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