New York during christmas

To visit the big apple during christmas is a dream for many people. I am one of lucky ones that got to check out the Christmas in New York and I just got back from my second ever December trip to the city that never sleeps. I love going to NYC. I been to NYC all seasons but visiting the city in December is a different experience. There are loads of christmas markets in Europe (HERE you can check out some of them) but NYC feels like a christmas city.

The christmas trip to New York

SAS winter menu

I like to travel comfortably so I booked myself into the SK903 flight departing around noon from Stockholm to Newark. 8,5 hours later after some drinks, good food, movies and relaxing time in SAS business class we landed in snowyork ready to check out the Christmas in New York. From there we took the train into Manhattan.

Christmas tree

Rockefeller center, Christmas, New York

And in Manhattan there were more lights than ever. In the freezing cold with the snow blowing at our faces we headed towards Rockefeller center to check out THE christmas tree. There were loads of people there and a few ones were skating at the snowy rink.

Street decorations

Streets of NYC, Christmas, New York

There were decorations in each and every corner. If it was not a christmas tree it was any other kind of christmas decoration or people walking around in Santa costumes or Santa hats.

Christmas markets in New York

Union square, Christmas, New York

Christmas markets. Of course NYC have christmas markets. At Union square there was a cozy one with a choir singing christmas carols.

Christmas stores

Santa, Christmas, New York

And at the world’s largest store, Macy’s at Times Square you find a whole department with christmas items.

Ice skating

Ice skating, Christmas, New York

In Bryant park you find the Winter village. A fantastic place where you could go ice skating infront of the christmas tree. Well, I so wanted to do it but my travel mates didn’t so I skipped it. Next time.

Parks during Christmas in New York

Gingerbread house, Christmas, New York

And of course the parks at Manhattan was also christmas themed. As with most other things in the US they add extra everything. This cute little gingerbread house can be found at Madison square park.

After a weekend filled with christmas stuff I got an overload of christmas so now I am pretty much looking forward to that the holidays are over even though it is cozy. But in moderation. So an Xmas trip to NYC, who should go? everyone who likes craziness and getting extra everything.

/ Pernilla that is feed up with christmas stuff


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