Leaving Sweden for France

1st of July me and my fellow Swedish citizens finally was allowed to travel again. Not the world but to ten countries. France was one of them so I booked a trip to Nice with departure the 3rd. A guess you all are curious how it is and I say fantastic. Although a bit different than pre-corona.

Flying with SAS

Once I got into Arlanda airport just a bit more than an hour before my flight I noticed the calm environment. There were though loads of people and we had to wait outside of the security checkpoint to not make the lines to long. Swedavia the airport owner had not staffed up the security in accordance with the volume of travelers so that was the one and only fail this trip. Not to myself be on time to airports especially nowadays. I managed though.

During the flight everyone is according to IATA rules obliged to wear a face mask. Not my favorite but what to do. Looked so silly but I was as always sleeping during the flight so covered my head with a hoodie to get dark and of course I removed my mask and slept my way through to Nice. Upon arrival in France it was just to walk into the country. Everyone removed their face mask the same minute they stepped out of the airport. Freedom!

Public transport

I was so lucky to finally breath the warm air smelling like abroad. I waked from the airport to my hotel in central Nice this evening. Love that this airport is so close by the city so you can walk. Took an hour but when traveling light it isn’t a problem. Public transport is running as always here, quite crowded and there are marks where to stand at stations but no one cares anymore. Old and young people mix. I traveled the train from Ville de France and you were required to have a mask but 80% put it on just before they stepped in and took it off when exiting. Saw some people without also.

How masks are worn

This is the schoolbook example on how to where it when mandatory. Cover mouth and nose.

This is how many, many people are wearing the mask on mandatory places. Pulling it up when someone asks them.

This is how you carry your mask if you are transporting yourself between places when mandatory and not.

This is how you carry your mask.

I noted that it is an even distribution between people who have one time usage masks and multiple time ones in France. Personally I think the mask is providing false security and since the majority of people are not using it as intended people that actually want to wear a mask and do it as it is supposed to be worn can wear it. But that is just my option I might not have the full picture of masks usefulness.

Travel in the summer of 2020?

This was my first trip abroad this summer and I hope more are to come. Although traveling is slightly different from what we are used to it wasn’t that different here in South of France and nothing that annoyed me (except occasionally wearing the mask) making the quality of the trip less than before COVID-19. When I flew home also the airport lounge was open but of course I checked in my lounge access card. I hope to go to Iceland, Spain or Croatia and Italy before this summer is over but right now it feels impossible make any long term plan reaching more than a few days forward.

Anyone aiming for any trips outside their home countries this unusual summer? Or already been?

/ Pernilla that is not gonna stop traveling

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