Visit Grindelwald in the Swiss alps

To go to the alps has been on my travel bucket list for a long time and in the beginning of March just before the corona virus closed boarder after boarder in Europe I made it there. Was it as great as I expected? yes. Do I want to go back? yes. Not to the exactly same place but to the alps. I love to go to new places and especially when it comes to skiing destinations. One new a year is my goal. Have you been skiing this year? So now over to the most essential question, how was it then?


Traveling to Grindelwald

I was part of a fairly big group of colleagues at this trip. We were in total nine people that went. Since I was on a business trip in Lithuania I met up with my fellows at the airport in Zurich from where we have booked transfer to the village of Grindelwald. It is a bit closer to Bern so if you fly in that is also an option. The transfer took about three hours but on Sunday afternoon when we went back to the airport there was a lot of congestion at the roads so it took longer. If you want you can also take a train and the train station in Grindelwald is centrally located in the village.


Where to stay?

There are plenty of hotels in the village so you can pick whatever suits you. This trip was booked back in august. Although Swiss is an expensive country we got a good deal including half board at hotel Wolter centrally located near the main transportation hub. The hotel was nothing special but I loved their breakfast. The bread and fruit yoghurt was to die for. For dinner they served three course meals and the days we were there I liked two but the third day when it was foundue I ate nothing. Not my style so to say. But I recommend to stay at a place serving dinner since the village is rather small and also eating out is pretty expensive.


Skiing experience

You could purchase a lift ticket to one or more of the three resorts. First we planned to buy for all but changed to just include First and the main resort. It was a good decision because there are a lot of slopes and we had not time to try all of them. Some people in the group was going for the off-pist but I was not. Wish to learn that one day but then I would go for just an off-pist holiday and practice with a guide. I am an intermediate skiier and I enjoyed the pists. They were long and of great quality.

The weather you can’t do anything about but we were lucky. One day was not that good with pretty bad visibility and two days the sun was all out and you couldn’t wish for better weather.


Pictures from the alps

I tried to capture my days off through my iPhone so wan’t to share some moments here.


These slopes are from the central part of the skiing resort. Looks amazing huh?


And views like these? I could sit there forever looking out on the majestetic mountains.


Or sitting down in the sun for a break. Well, I prefer to have a big breakfast and dinner while out skiing and not sit down having lunch. When I go skiing I prefer to ski as long as it is open but we stopped for lunch every day. I just had lunch one day though since I am not a lunch person if I eat dinner.


What about after ski then? of course we had after ski. I was a bit surprised there was no after ski places as you could imagine it to be in the slopes. There were a few but small. One day we went to the local pub Avocado, another day we had after ski at the hotel and that was definitley the best after ski this trip. The last day we were all so tired so bedtime was at 21:30 to be able to enjoy the last day of skiing the most.


Does it sounds and looks like a tempting place for a skiing holiday? I could definitley recommend it and if you don’t ski, sleeding is a popular activity you could try or why not going to the top of Europe at the Jungfrau mountain which is accessible from Grindelwald?

/ Pernilla that wishes everyone happy skiing


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