Is this really happening?

We are all so freeing from the corona crisis in one way or another. I work within the airline industry and the last couple of weeks have been tough. But after 10th of March it really hitted hard. First Italy was closing their boarders now also US are doing it for European citizens. What is going on? Everyone is panicking because everyone around is panicking. Buying loads of staples, medicines and preparing for the worst. Flights are canceled, events are called off, the whole event and hospitality sector is struggling, the financial markets are shaking like an earthquake, the medical people are working their asses off. Prioritizing among patients like it was a war. Everyone can’t be treated.


What all started in China at New Year’s Eve is now a global epidemic. Who could have thought that when we woke up on the New Year’s Day ready you fulfill our New Years resolutions? What scares me the most is not the illness itself since from what we know as of today is that it is not life threatening to healthy people in younger ages what scares me the most is the human behavior. How event after event is canceled. How the whole western world is out on pause.

No world leader have the courage to say stop! The outbreak is already here, it is to late to limit it. But it is not to late to limit the side effects from a depreciation. When business after business is forced to pull the emergency break harder and harder and even stop their businesses what will happen to the global supply chain? Who will get food? Who will get medication? The one in most need or the one with most financial resources? And when one of the world leaders are closing their boarders the other ones can’t do anything else. As of it is right now with the fact that I as a normal middle class human being in a western country I really think we are putting ourselves into unnecessary danger by panicking. Of course we need to take this threat seriously but not with out thinking of the side effect all the panicking behavior will create.

Myself was out traveling at a business trip in Vilnius and from one day to another the situation rapidly changed. Boarder after boarder where closing. Schools where shut down and just two hours after speaking with my manager that I would go home on Friday as planned I got asked to go home the same day. So when writing this I am sitting here in the almost empty plane, thinking about this and that while drinking a glass of wine. It is just surreal. Bizarre. Where will this end?

I know at least what I will do as soon as I get home. But groceries since I haven’t more or less been home since before Xmas, do all my laundry and fishing up with a shower before cuttle down in my own cozy bed.


/ Take care wishes from Pernilla


  1. I actually have experienced something like this Before – long ago Stenmark made the whole of Sweden stop. I remember a lesson that was discontinued when our teacher came with an old-fashioned TV for us to watch Ingemar go slalom 😉 Much more fun than pandemic. Well, today some 20 or so shelves were emty (Willys) and I guess It was goods from Italy (eg. pasta), so it is real. Much of what I have heard of appears stupid to me. 1) Some people will get problems for sure but probably not you, 2) If you indeed get problems you will with highest probability not die 😉

      1. Could be easier to get reelected for the steering politicians, by showing decisiveness for a real threat for a very limited group (85+) that the whole population are informed to be scared of.. 😉

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