What to eat in Georgia

Before going to Georgia I read that their food would be delicious. And it truly was. There were not any fast-food chains or many international foods such as pizza, burgers, sushi and so on to order while in Gudauri so the way to go was going local. Luckily most restaurants had pictures of their food items in the menu because it isn’t easy to figure out what you will get on your plate if you have no idea what dishes like Khachapuri, Kahvitsi, Khinkali or Tatarborgari is. Since you liked my previous food post about foods in Costa Rica let me present the culinary journey I had in Georgia.

Breakfast foods

Georgian food

In Gudauri, the breakfast places opened at 9 and the ski lifts at 10 so it was the same routine every day – get ready into your ski wear and go to the breakfast table. There were a few different porridges to choose between and I had a semolina porridge with strawberry sauce in one day. Not the most culinary dish I tried but filling for a day in the slopes. And foods were so cheap. I payed less than 5 EUR for that and coffee.

Georgian food

Another day I went to a more upscale breakfast place and ordered the breakfast they served there. They just had one standard breakfast option and I was like “okey, let’s see what you get”. And it was so much food. We each got a huge bread, butter, fantastically tasteful tomatoes, meat and


a whole plate of cheese and yoghurt. Did I said that they love cheese and bread in Georgia? This breakfast was fantastic and costed me less than 10EUR including coffee and a bottle of water.


Georgian food

The lifts were open between 10-17 and since I love skiing I do not want to waste time eating while the lifts are open so the breaks at the slopes became short and effective. A coffee or coke and a snack like nuts or a bar. There were though a lot of great places to stop by for lunch, drinks, vodka (of course, Georgia is nearby Russia) and all kinds of snacks. Instaed we were eating at the after ski. One day it was a burger day and the vegetarian burger I had was very delicious. Well, not that local but still… locally produced.

Georgian food

Another day was bread day and we ordered a Kashapuri – a bread filled with cheese. It was huge, filling and so tasteful. The Kashapuris comes in various tastes and you can order with different fillings. A must try in Georgia.


The last day in Tbilisi I was walking around on my own and badly wanted some crepés or pancakes. I had read and bookmarked a pancake place but when I was hungry it was located on the opposite side of the city so I went to a very hip art cafe and had banana crepés. They were okey when it came to taste.

Georgian wine


Georgian wine you could find everywhere. Only in Gudauri at the base where the gondola lift leaves from there were at least five wine stores. Every evening we went in there to buy a few bottles to share. And here I am talking about quality wine. Also in Tbilisi there were a lot of wine cellars all around the city and once you walked in you were offered to try. And in parks I spotted wine bars. How fantastic isn’t that?

The country of bread, cheese and wine

So to sum up the food culture in Georgia was really in line with my taste. Not like South America or Central America where beans and rice are served all around. And food places were open late and you don’t get ruined like at the Seychelles where a simple pizza will cost you 25EUR+. All foods were also very fresh and one waitress I talked to said that dieting and light products almost didn’t existed in the country. Not like here in Sweden where each and every person is “allergic” against either this or that. So if you are looking for a foodie vacation Georgia is a destination you should head to.

/ Pernilla that had a huge crush on Georgia


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