What to eat in Costa Rica?

What kind of food do you think of when you hear Costa Rica? Myself I think about bananas, beans and coffee. During my first hour here in Costa Rica I had a chat with a local guy and he told me that the traditional food was rice, beans and a side. Not surprising for being a country in Central America. Further I got told that those local traditions has tough competition from all American fast food chains that have taken over the country. Mc Donald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Dennis, Starbucks, Denny’s just to mention a handful of them that I saw during my first day. Spending a week in a country does of course means that you will need to eat there so here I have collected many of them.


It is not a breakfast country and the first day in Manuel Antonio I had brekkie at the hotel. They had a lot of hot dishes but I would never ever eat that for breakfast so I had fruit, coffee and a slice of banana cake while working from my home office away from home.

Another day I went to restaurant Anaconda and ordered granola and yoghurt. And that was what I got. Not yoghurt with granola. Works. Finding westernized breakfast options here is not the easiest.

One day I was not in mode of chasing for breakfast so I had a brownie at the bakery next door. Italian style.


I am a snacker and therefor my lunches consists of no less than snacks. Ice cream, banana chips or fruit. Pura vid as they say here.

Or cookies. These ones are cookie heaven. White butter cookies with caramel in between. Anyone know what they are called?


I love to eat salads and at Al Avion they had fantastic food and that was also the place where I had a delicious Tuna Poke Bowl one day.

Another favorite of mine is quesadillas and when I find that at a menu I do of course need a quality check. This one I had in San Jose was okey but if I was starving so I guess it tasted better because of that reason.

Quality check at the quesadillas. This was fab. Wood fired chicken in the quesadilla and super yummy guacamole on the side. The staff at the BBQ place were also so sweet!

Pizza. Of course I had to try out the wood fired pizza at El Wagon. Everyone said it was sooo good, but was it? No. I stick to Meno Male in Stockholm when it comes to pizzas.

And New Years dinner consisted of no less than sushi. Couldn’t had a better meal to end 2018 with.


That was it when it comes to eatables I Manuel Antonio. There is quite a big assortment of different restaurants with international food and my goal was to never return to the same place which I managed. The best tasting meal I ate was the one at El Wagon. Anyone else who have tried out the culinary of Costa Rica? Maybe some local specialities?

/ Pernilla trying food in CR

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