Visit Isla Holbox

Once upon a time, maybe ten years ago I had a uni friend that went to Holbox on vacation. I thought it sounded like an amazing place so I added it to my bucket list. After then I been to Yucatan in Mexico twice but never made it there. Mostly due to laziness because it involves some hazels to get there but now I decided to go there and see if it was as fab as in my wildest dreams.

How to get to Isla Holbox

It wasn’t that big challenge to get there but still you need some time. It is the Mexican countryside so no express trains or direct flight will take you there. So what you have to do it to get to Cancun bus station and from there take a bus towards Chiquilá (almost Tequila) for a two hours ride. I always feel sick from travel with buses so I try to avoid it. Of course this happened also this time and I didn’t felt good for hours after arrival. But worth it. In Chiquilá you buy a ferry ticket to the express ferry and in half an hour you will arrive to the beautiful car free island. Voila! Let the vacation begin.

Where to stay?

At Holbox there are no huge hotel chains and I love it. Small to medium sized hotels and all personalized. They reach from basic to middle class ones. You can actually also go glamping. I was traveling with myself and since I wanted to met fellow travelers I picked a hostel which also had private rooms. Perfect for solo travelers. I don’t mind sharing with others either though but I wanted to sleep good this vacation. It was a very nice place and every evening people gathered around the pool and bar area to chill, have drinks or food. You don’t need a hotel with a pool since the Mexican gulf is more than welcoming for a swim but I am a pool lover so… Che was the name of the place.

What to do?

The island is tiny but it is a lot to do. I am getting bored fast so trust me on this bullet point. Half day beach and half day activities is what I prefer on beach vacations. But you can do kite surfing, beach (of course), night SUP, drive golf carts, eat, drink, run, play beach soccer, do boot camp with locals, bike around the island, kayak in the mangroves, do horseback riding, watch the sunset from beach clubs, take massage, go for an island tour and of course drink tequila. This is Mexico!

For who is Holbox suitable?

I would say everyone that likes an active beach vacation. I saw everything from families to oldies. I mean it is perfect to go around in golf carts especially if you are too old or young to walk. The majority of the travelers were 25-40 though and there was a lot of solo travelers. The countries from where I met most people were Germany and Holland. Not that many Scandinvians at all actually except a few families.

This was the Holbox basics. I will of course share my personal favorites from the island aswell but just saying, if you will have the chance to go. Go!


/ Pernilla that loves Mexico


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