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Scandinavian airlines recently released a new marketing campaign called the arrivals where customers travel stories were shared. When I looked at the youtube video I almost started to cry because I associate it with so many memories myself from my childhood. Airports and arrivals are special moments. My dad traveled quite a lot when I grew up and although we didn’t met up with him at the airport when he came home from US the moment when my dad was back were special. I remember the Saturday mornings when my brother and I were sitting near the window for hours waiting for him to get home with a suitcase filled with new toys. And when my mum, my brother and I flew over to the US and he was standing at the airport and picked us up. Or all the times I got home after months abroad and sometimes there was someone waiting at the airport, other times I there were no one there and I had to take the bus to my hometown. Or the times someone have surprised me waiting in the arrivals hall. Or when friends have arrived when I lived abroad. I guess you all have stories to share from special arrival moments. Before this campaign I actually associated airports with departures because that is usually when you spend most time there. But over to the topic of airports, we have all experienced the good and the bad ones so this Travel Tuesday I have listed my favorite airports that I don’t mind spending an extra hour at.

Singapore Changi airport

A favorite of more people than me. It does not feel like an airport, more like a shopping mall. It is clean, easy to get to from the city with MRT or taxi, the immigration or emigration process is smooth. There are enough seats and the best of it all the calf massage machines. I actually always go there earlier to enjoy that as much as possible. This airport almost gets high rating on the airport top lists. In general airports in Asian big cities are fantastic.

Paris Charles de Gaulle, Air France terminal

I know most people doesn’t hold CDG in Paris as a favorite one but I like it a lot. Not all parts of it but the Air France terminal is great. I like the design and there are a lot of stores, comfy seats, not too crowded and it is simply one of my favorite ones.

Kastrup, Copenhagen

This airport I been to a lot of times but mostly for a pretty short time but I like it. The interior is very appealing to me, they have good stores and places to eat (although expensive) and enough of seats for everyone who wish to sit down. And best of all, you don’t need hours of extra time to manage a short transfer. And it is located just nearby the city of Copenhagen.

What’s your top picks when it comes to airports?

Arriving, departing, waiting, working, planespotting or whatever you are doing at an airport – which one do you prefer? or do you have any great airport stores to share?

/ Pernilla


  1. I actually despise Kastrup… always an issue checking in, always! I have flown out of there several times and it has never been a smooth process, no matter if I fly economy or business, with or without flight status.

    Best is definitely Changi, just love that airport…. I had a 10 hour stopover one day and opted to check into an airport hotel, go for a swim in the rooftop pool and have a drink in a lounge. Love it.

    1. I never check in at CPH so have no experience about that myself but doesn’t sound like a dream. Such things should just work.

      Wow rooftop pool at Changi – wow. Sounds very Singaporean:)

  2. Kastrup gillar jag, lagom stopp där på ett par-tre timmar. Annars gillar jag både München och Vancouver. Plus CDG då, där vi båda verkar strida mot strömmen då alla andra avskyr den. Hängde en sväng i 2E-terminalen där på vägen till SFO för ett par år sedan, plus pressvisningen halvåret innan. Hade gärna lagt lite mer tid där faktiskt. Ljus och fräsch!

    Changi står på att-göra-listan. Absolut. Nästan så jag vill resa dit bort bara för flygplatsen. 🙂

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