Universal Studios

The very first Universal Studios is located in LA but like everything else that is a cash cow the concept gets duplicated globally. When I visited Singapore a few weeks ago me and also 30+ travel mate went to the amusement park to have some fun. I will never get to old for themed parks. I been to this park once before and it was when it was just opened. Not even all attractions were running and there were almost no visitors. We were prepared for a lot of queuing but it wasn’t bad at all although it was a Saturday in May.

Universal studios

Practical Stuff

The park is conveniently located 600 meters walkway at Sentosa resort island from the Vivo city mall to which you can take the MRT. A day pass including everything cost around 70 SG dollars (50 USD) and then you can ride everything and you get a food voucher so you can have a snack. If there is a lot of people I would recommend buying a fast pass so you don’t have to stand in long lines for the popular attractions, but, to get the fast pass to an affordable price you have to buy it before you enter the park. We didn’t got the fast pass and thus had to wait at a maximum 40 minutes for one of the most popular rides one time. The lines wasn’t that bad and when we wanted to have a quick ride we splitted up a got into the single rider lane to be a bit efficient.


The park according to two 30+ amusement park lovers

To start with let’s review the rollercoasters. There were two great ones. One ride in the dark which was awesome. Another one outside which was great. Not super thrilling as the ones at Coney Island but they were good.


There were also a couple of nicely built attractions that were more for the eye than the thrills. One of them were a 3D theater and another one was a Transformers ride.


Of course there were a lot of kid’s stuff since the kiddos are the main target group but I really like this park. It is not the wow but the scenery is very well made and spending six hours in the park although it was steaming hot outside was not a problem.


The F&B assortment was not a culinary experience judged from the pictures but in which park do they cater nice food? They had ice cream and drinks which was the most important in the 30+ degree Singapore heat.


And last but not least they had a parade featuring the different characters. When that took place we planned to go for some rides but unfortunately it was not allowed to pass to the rides so we were forced to watch it. Well, it was not really worth watching but one of the last things we did before heading back home to our pool.

Amusement parks worldwide

For those who doesn’t already know that I am a huge fan of amusement parks my travel bucketlist includes a lot of parks. Europapark I have to see, Hong Kong & Paris Disneyland are still at my list of Disney parks, the new Disneyland in Shanghai I haven’t been to either, Six Flags LA is on my list and Ocean park in Hong Kong. I guess my theme park list will keep on growing, every time I went to one park I get to know about a new one to add. Do you have any parks I should amend my list with?

/ Pernilla that loves amusement parks


  1. Älskar också nöjesparker. Om några veckor är det dags för Disneyland i Kalifornien (för femte gången!). Skulle gärna besöka Universal studios i Singapore någon gång.

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