Sentosa island in Singapore

Just a 500 walking path from mainland Singapore you find the resort island Sentosa. You probably been to the happy island if you visited Singapore. In 2006 he first time I visited SG the island was there but not that developed at all. you could only go there by the bridge or by gondolas. In 2007 when I studied there the island was still the same but I got to know everything about the plans of turning the island from a sleepy beach escape to a resort island including Universal studios and all kinds of entertainment you can imagine. Now the island is filled with fun and I have been there loads of times so I would of course like to share my best hacks for the island and what to do and what to avoid. Remember, Sentosa is the island of FUN.

Sentosa island

What have fellow bloggers done at the island?

Dryden have tried out the Bunyjump, Maria’s memoarer had a classical beachday at Sentosa, Readyfortakeoff also escaped the city life to check out the beaches while being in Singapore. Myself I have been to most places at Sentosa and I would like to share my favorite spots.

Sentosa island

Beaches at Sentosa island


The beaches at Sentosa are all artificial. But one doesn’t need to conclude that artificial places are less good. The beaches are all of high quality. with different amenities at like showers, lockers eg. There are different beaches and they all have different styles, focus on different kind of people. You can easily travel between them. Either by foot or take the free shuttle. Even if it is raining you can walk between them without getting wet since the island developers have thought about almost everything there is also rain covers over the walkways.

Sentosa island

Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong are the beaches. Siloso is the one furthest to the right if you stand watching the ocean. That is also the oldest one but all of them constantly undergo renovation to be in state of the art condition. A lot of schools and groups hang out at that beach during various activities so if you want to watch people play, that is the place to be. Then comes Palawan in the middle. That beach is the biggest one and there is a mix of people there. From families to solotraveleres, expats and locals. I like that place since it is central and not to far from the main entrance to the island. To the left you find Tanjong beach which is more quiet. There you find one of the good beachclubs and the people going there are a bit older and want some privacy. Dogs are also allowed to run unleashed at the beach at some points. The below picture is from Tanjong beach, looks like a dream place right?


During my last trip to Singapore I brought breakfast with me to the beach. Near the train station, Beach station, you find McDonalds, Mr Bean (love that place serving all soy shakes and soy panncakes in bite sizes), Coffee bean and a few other cafés. If you want to bring picknick there is a huge supermarket having everything you can imagine at Vivo city where you end up before going to the island from where you can buy all kinds of fruit, snacks or ready made meals if you wish.

Sentosa island

Tanjong beach is like a playground. There you find this bridge from where you can walk to a small island if you don’t want to swim the app. 200 meters over. There is also a lookout.


Beachclubs at Sentosa


At the island there are quite a few resorts among others Hard Rock hotel, Le Meridien and Sofitel. But if you decide to stay outside of the island you can still have a resort like day if you visit any of the beachclubs. I have tried two of them, Tanjong beachclub, which has the above beautiful sea view and below Ola beach club. If you purchase food and/or beverages you can access the pool. Both are beautiful places to experience the sunset at.


What else to do at Sentosa?

You can play golf, go biking, running, try out segway, visit Madame Taussauds, do the Fort Siloso skywalk, go to spa and do everything you can imagine that is a holiday activity. Sounds like a dream place or? to commercial? I like it. It really makes a city trip to Singapore feeling like a beach vacation in the same time so you can have the best of both worlds.

/ Pernilla that love to visit Sentosa


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