Weekendtrip to Oslo

Like a postcard. That is how the Norwegian capital Oslo best could be described when I was there for a visit last weekend. In less than an hour from Stockholm by plane you will reach the city but honestly it feels like a traveling in a time capsule in some ways. Although the country is modern in many ways some things like the fact that the stores are closed on Sundays feels like the stone age to me.


Why visiting Oslo in the winter?

So why did I decide to go to Oslo in the winter you may think. Well, the one and only reason was for skiing. You probably don’t think of Oslo as a traditional destination for practicing cross country skiing but the skiing is really, really good just next door to the city center. I lived in Oslo for 1,5 years and it was actually there I picked up my skiing again because it was nothing else to do during the Sundays I spent there in 2010 and 2011. The skiing tracks were in better conditions than the roads so I guess you understand why the Norwegians are extremely good skiers. If you look for a great and accessible place to do cross country skiing Oslo is the place to go.



Nordmarka, Oslo marka or simply “marka” you reach easily by taking the tram from central Oslo towards Frognerseteren. From there you have access to loads of tracks in various difficulties and lengths so it is just to pick what suits you the best. During the two days I was skiing there and spent 9 hours in the tracks me and my adventure partner in crime didn’t go the same place more than one time.

OsloIt felt like being in a fairytale. The outdoors were perfect. -6 degrees and sunny. The tracks are very varied and some of them were really tough. I am not good at going upwards so it was a bit challenging from time to time especially when you got a nice surprise to find just another upward hill when you just finished a mountain like one. But with step upward hills my favorite steep downward slopes comes and that part I love.


Since we were out the whole days for skiing we had to stop for lunch. Skiing really makes me starving so luckily there are quite some cozy huts out there serving traditional outdoor food like hot dogs in lompa, kvick lunch, boller and waffles. So there is no need to bring your own food if you don’t want to have a picknick.



If you are somewhat into winter sports you have most likely seen one or two competitions being held at Holmenkollen. The famous 50K race in cross country skiing in the world cup is held there so we were trying out parts of that track aswell. You may think it is flat when you watch it on tv but it is not. It is hilly like small green alpine slopes. The view is a million dollar one at a clear day so although your heartbeat will increase it is worth a try going there watching the city from above.


Skiing in Oslo

After two days of skiing in Norway I am completely in love with the winter wonderland as a tourist. I can tell that I was definitely not in love with Norway when I moved from there in August 2011. I have actually not been back to the central Oslo since then. The day I moved was and is still one of the best days of my life because living at a place is one thing. Going there for vacation is another one. As a weekend skiing destination I would say that Oslo is perfect. Also you can combine one day of alpine skiing at Tryvann with one day of cross country skiing if you like to. Or visit the tourist spots and go skiing on Sundays when the whole country is closed down. It’s only your fantasy that set the boundaries for your agenda. So urban adventurers, would you be up to a skiing weekend in Oslo?

/ Pernilla that love skiing

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