Yoga retreats worldwide

Just to start with, I am not a crazy yoga enthusiast but I love from time to time so some yoga retreats at different places when I travel. I love the atmosphere and it is a great way to relax. During the years I have been to several places around the globe bending and stretching myself accompanied by the sound of the jungle or sea. Therefore I would like to share some of the places I been to with you if you would like to do the same.

Sri Lanka

My last yoga holiday. I went to The Salty Pelican retreat for a yoga holiday. I also stayed at the retreat and loved the accommodation and food. The vibe was also great and there were a good mix of solo travelers and groups. The retreat is located in a small village, Dickwella and there is not a lot to do except beach and yoga. Also there are not a bunch of restaurants to choose between at night so the friendly atmosphere where everyone was sitting together for breakfast and dinner was great if you enjoy meeting people from all around the world.

Isla Holbox, Mexico

I stayed at a regular hotel not offering any yoga classes but there were a few drop in places which you could pay for each class at. That suited me exceptionally well on this vacation and I attended a multiple of them at a beachside place. This was one of the greatest yoga sceneries I ever had.

Costa Rica

When I traveled to Costa Rica I did not went to the XXX where most people go for yoga retreats but I went to XXX and stayed at a hotel that offered yoga classes. I combined my yoga trip with other training as well as remote work.

Bali, Indonesia

I been to Bali for yoga two times. One time I spent almost a week at the island trying out yoga at different places and the other time I just took a few classes near the hotel. I like that there is an opportunity for drop in classes at almost every yoga retreat so you can be flexible and attend the amount of classes you like to and not be forced to do yoga three times a day if you not wish to. HERE you can read more about my yoga experience at Bali.

Gili island, Indonesia

At the time I went to Gili island there were not to many opportunities for taking yoga classes but I found one and can remember the shala in the jungle like setting although many years ago. I am sure that there are many more places as of now since Gili island is a perfect spot for yoga.

Cusco, Peru

Might sound like a surprising place to go for yoga holiday but you can find many local yoga studios. When I was there I tried a few and it was perfect they days you didn’t wanted to go for a hike or any other activity. Also mornings and evenings there were yoga available at the hotel I stayed at which I tried out a few times.

Miami, USA

Here I have been taking my favorite yoga classes. At the world famous Miami Beach I never say no to attend a yoga class. Especially after a run. There are a lot of yoga teachers in Miami so you can just check google and you will find out or if you walk around near the beach or in parks during mornings and evenings you can always ask about their schedule.

Which other destinations are good for yoga vacations?

Portugal offers a lot of places both near Lisbon and at the Algarve coast, Los Angeles does not market themselves like a yoga destination but with some research you can find many yoga places in the city. Last but not least I want to mention India and Nepal as a great yoga destinations. I haven’t been but would love to visit both of them. Do you have any recommendable destinations for doing yoga?

/ Pernilla that love to go on active vacations

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