10K race

I am always looking for fun running races to take part in when I’m traveling. Last week it was Berlin half marathon which I wanted to take part in but when I was about to sign up the the quotas were filled and due to COVID it was for unknown reason not allowed to transfer starting places. Instead Google helped me to find out about Runners Night in Dresden and I signed up. They offered 5 or 10K and I picked the longer distance. Saturday the 9th of April came and it was time for my first 10K race in a long time. It’s not my favorite distance to run but a favorite to have a good PB at.

Warmup and pre race

The starting point was only 15 minutes walk from where I stay so I walked there to check out the 5K race which took place before the 10K one. I love to watch races and regretted a bit that I wasn’t signing up for the 5K when I would probably ended up at second place. This race was not a regular race with one single track. Here you had a 510 meter long track where you did laps at to the tones of a DJ and disco lights. A really good concept and after all laps I been skiing at Stockholm Stadion I knew this kind races would suit me.

The race was medium sized when it comes to number of participants but it was very well organized. I texted with my brother before the race and he told me to go all in from the beginning so what to do?

19 laps of running

It was icing cold outside but I can’t race in tights so I had my Gococo compression socks and a pair of shorts and a fleece. The first laps it was very, very cold and my hands were ice cube like. I had a good feeling in my legs and a steady pace and the first time I looked at the scoreboard I had ran 7 laps in a good pace. I knew I had two ladies in front of me at the start and no one had passed me. I really wanted one of the trophies so that became my goal to keep the third place and let no one pass. It was quite a lot people out cheering that gave extra energy.

Suddenly it was only three laps to go and I noted my time was 38:XX still on the right side for a sub 45 run but it would be tight. I had a bit of pain in my hamstring from last week and I really didn’t wanted it to become worse or lose my third place so I kept on as I did before and hoped it would be good enough. Actually I did not because I ran a bit faster the last lap and made it. 3rd place! Four seconds of the wrong side of the 45 mark but still two tiny seconds better PB from now on.

Ending thoughts

Last two years hasn’t been a lot about running races but I hope this has changed now. I missed this. Thought the same after the skiing race I did some months ago. Bering nervous preparing for the run, standing in the start not knowing what to come. How your body will react that specific day and how well you managed your training before. I missed it all.

At the price ceremony I got my trophy and what was even more fun was that the girl who came at the second place were also Swedish. The second Swede I have seen in this city in half a year.

What are your thoughts about comeback to running races post Covid? So which race am I up for next? Will see.

/ Pernilla that enjoy running

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