Beachday at Mallorca

In my somewhat spontaneous travellife everything can happen. The last night at Ibiza we checked if our plan how to travel home would still be plan A but we realized it wouldn’t work if we didn’t wanted to swim over to Palma where we was supposed to catch the flight back to Stockholm so we had to come up with a new plan. A day at Mallorca. I been to Mallorca quite a few times and I knew it was a beach just nearby the airport so we googled it and decided to do a beachday at Mallorca instead of a last beachday at Ibiza.

Did we ended up in LA?

We woke up early and at 9 we left Ibiza. At 10:30 we were settled at the beach in Mallorca. It was one of my shortest flights ever between the islands and the local bus was brining us from the terminal to the beach in 10 minutes. It was a nice place and it totally felt like L.A. A long beach, bars and restaurants all over, a bit chic and also loads of space for inline skaters and other active people. Was a bit weird coming to the beach with all our stuff but luckily we are always traveling light.

We both wanted to go our running and it was a perfect running place so we took turns and did 10K each on the beachwalk. Someone had to watch the luggage. It was one of my fastest runs in a while and count in that it was above 30 degrees and at noon.

The water was great at some parts and not so great at others. Beachwise it was the same. There were tons of Germans at this area in Mallorca. The time ran very fast and although we spent seven hours at the beach we didn’t tried out any of the beachbars.

Don’t ask me what we did. Just went into ultimate chilling mode and there were free wifi also with good connection so it was possible to look at Youtube.

Well, at one point we had to leave and took a taxi back to the airport. Could recommend this beach for a day if you would like to do active stuff and go to the beach at the same time. Quality wise the beach reminded me about Alcudia but I cannot remember there were such a long beachwalk there. At least when I was there the last time 21 (!) years ago.

/ Pernilla that had a well spent Sunday at Mallorca

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