Travel to the island of Formentera

A life without travel, seeing new places and exploring thing is like…? what? If the island of Ibiza wasn’t enough we decided to head out to Formentera for a day, one other island belonging to the group of Balearic islands. Easy said, easy done. Due to the low amount of tourists these days boats were only leaving Ibiza town so after taking the bus there we took a ferry the 1,5 hours to the neighborhood island.

When in the harbor we realized there were several companies going there, faster and slower ferries in different price range. The boat we took Aqua bus was 30 EUR for a return trip (June, 2021). The ride was smooth and we got seats at the sun deck.


Since we got up early we had no breakfast at Ibiza and two hungry brekkie lovers aren’t in adventure mode without food so we headed to a close by coffee shop to have a bite before exploring the island. We were though a bit chocked, who could have known the island was that big? there were even cars there. Well, better do some research next time.

Biking around the island of Formentera

Biking around the island would be an ideal idea so when we got our coffee we were settled to use to caffeine energy. We walked to the nearest bike rental place and got a bike each for the day, looked at the map and decided one destination to begin with. Although we had a map we managed pretty bad and went to a complete different area. So instead of coming to a long sandy beach we came to a very beautiful bay.

Navigation isn’t my special skill. I could have stayed for the whole day but we wanted to see more so after an hour there we went on our bikes again and made a new attempt to find the beach we were looking for. We biked through the countryside and after an hour or so we made it there. It was a disappointment though so no need to stop for a swim.

So we headed back to the cute village. But once we got there siesta started so the hustle and bustle turned into a quiet place. Cap the Formentera called for us so our bike journey continued. We passed some salt lakes and then. Then we found the place which Formentera is mostly known for.

Caribbean at Formentera

It was like biking right to the Caribbean. It felt like Bonaire with the crystal clear water and it was the most beautiful place I been to for a long time. The whole place felt like a natural pool. You have probably seen pictures of the strip when you read about Formentera but walking there yourself is always different. We parked our bikes and went in and out the beautiful waters. What a day! Everything was perfect except that there wasn’t anything eatable to buy.

A visit to Formentera is a well worth investment. It is very different from Ibiza and the only place in Europe I can think of that reminds me of it is a place in Cyprus I visited when I was a kid. Formentera isn’t big but to our surprise there were cars there and even public transport. If you would like to see everything a two day visit is to recommend.

/ Pernilla that fell in love with Formentor

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