Celebrating Midsummer at Ibiza

Do you like to travel to places without knowing where to stay, see or do? Ibiza has been a place I have had on my to visit list for a long long time so I headed there to celebrate Midsummer with my adventure friend. Luckily we didn’t go there for clubbing since those were closed. Dayclubs and beachclubs were though open and there were people but not crowded so it was perfect. Since we didn’t knew if we would make it all the way to Ibiza we hadn’t booked any hotel and barley research anything so when we were sitting at the airport in Palma waiting for our connecting flight we reserved a hotel which happened to be in the village of San Antonio. I love this unplanned travels.

The beachstar hotel, San Antonio

The hotel we booked were just perfect. The pool area turned into a beach club every day with a good DJ. The staff were great and the food awesome. And they had a swing in the pool. We often spent the time until lunch hanging out in the pool area, reading books, working and chilling. If you want a hotel with great vibe and staff free from kids I can recommend the place we stayed at. (Promise, this wasn’t sponsored).

San Antonio beach

Half day pool, half day beach. When we got bored of hanging out at the hotel we headed to the nearby beach. There were almost no people there and with that came almost zero vendors. The water was clear and warm. Since the beach were on the way to the town we were to lazy to get back and change before heading out for dinner and drinks we continued our walk on the beachwalk.

At the San Antonio beachwalk we found a perfect dinner place for two taco loving travelers. Palapa. It was Eurocup soccer that day and Sweden played Poland so after the food we went to a sports bar and watched the game with some other Swedes. The walking in flip-flop journey continued and our last stop for the evening was one of the sunset bars near Calo él Moro beach. This was a typical well spent day in Ibiza that we had on repeat. Some days with a warmup run and swim before the breakfast.

Covid rules

The covid rules (June, 2021) was rather relaxed. Only an antigen test were required to enter Spain and we got the test at Arlanda some hours before departure. The first couple of days it was compulsory to wear mask outside but that rule were taken away after a few days. Vacation life was pretty much normal but with very few people. Everything was open except nightclubs.

Peak of San Antonio

On Midsummer eve we wanted to do something out of the ordinary so when we found the highest peak of the village we made a deal to start the day running up there wearing our Sweden soccer cheering tees. It was a good move, people were cheering when we ran there and who could have known there was a very, very cute church on the top of the hill?

Ibiza town

And what is a visit to Ibiza without seeing the capital city? The place was located about hour away with public bus so one day we took the bus there after we were done with pool and beach activities. We aimed for some shopping but found nothing, so gave that up and went for some tapas. Then we found the idyllic historical town but the last bus was leaving and we didn’t wanted to pay for a taxi back so we decided to go back after our trip to Formentor and drink Sangria at one chill lounge place we fell in love with.

I really, really liked Ibiza although I am not a fan of Spain. It was like Mallorca but less commercialized. At least right now. If I go back I will definitely rent a car and drive around the island. There are for sure loads of nice places to see. It was a good Midsummer and last years celebration in Sweden was hopefully an exception from the tradition to celebrate abroad. Now I am dreaming of more adventures abroad. I so missed my globetrotting outside of the boarders of Sweden. So Ibiza, what do you think? Worth a vacation or not?

/ Pernilla that had a great time at Ibiza

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