Greek food

A vacation in Greece is synonymous with eating Greek food. And that is what I did during my trip to the island of Rhodes not long ago.


We all have to eat, right? I am a breakfast person so I added breakfast to my hotel reservation. With a full week there is no rush to discover the assortment offered but a Greek yoghurt is on my table every day. The buffet at Sunprime Miramare resort where I stayed was great. They had everything. Almost. No apple juice. But loads of fresh fruit and other great things.


The day I arrived I had a late lunch and popped by a tavern near my hotel to have a Greek salad. It was very delicious. Simple but great. Sirtaki was the name of the place.

The day I went to Lindos was very hot so no lunch that day. Instead I had a cocktail at the one and only beach club I could find in the area. Tambakio. The setting was very nice with sunbeds and a restaurant/bar. I had a Limoncello Spitz.

I went on an excursion to Anthony Quinn beach near Faleraki and had lunch with a view. Loved the place and food. And they had swings. All places with swings are immediately categorized as favorite for me. Kounna beachbar is the name.


I walked to Rhodoes old town one evening for dinner. A lot of places where closed and the place I went to just opened for the season. The staff were very, very happy about the returning guests and we all were warmly welcomed. The food wasn’t wow but the service was. I had a plate of souvlaki. When I paid they even offered a bowl of ice cream to show their appreciation. Mama Sofia was the restaurant name.

I wanted to experience Rhodos old town again and of course I needed to try the moussaka before heading home. So after a stroll inside the walls I had the best meal of the trip. Thought I didn’t liked moussaka but the one at Taverna Rustico was something different. Could really recommend this place if you go to Rhodes. Staff was also great!

Kanyba in the local town of Ialysos was another place I visited. I love going to the small local places more than ever supporting the locals through you these difficult times. Leaving Greece without having Kalamaries was a no go so I had my fair share at the local fish restaurant. The view was gorgeous facing the water and food tasted as it supposed to do.

The last night I was tired on eating greek food so I had sushi. Went to a popular place where they had Korean BBQ and sushi, Nami. The sushi bites were enormous. To difficult to eat for me but nothing wrong with the taste. The place had a perfect view so you could watch the sunset.

All set with Greek food for a year or so. What is your favorite kitchen when traveling?

/ Pernilla that had the full Greek food menu while in Greece


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