Light vacation at Rhodes

I had such a relaxed week at Rhodes when I was there. There are many things to do but I didn’t rushed through the island maximizing the trip. Well, I was working also so needed wifi, see it as an excuse. But I saw a handful of great things at my trip that I could recommend, so here we go.

Anthony queen beach

If you are looking for a stunning beach Anthony queen beach near Faliraki is the place to go. It is really a hidden gem and you can either take the paved road there or hike over the mountain from Faliraki to reach it. I was there in late May and had a fabulous day. Swimming in the crystal clear Agean sea and enjoying food at the beach bar overlooking the bay. I assume it will be crowded there during summerdays when both locals and tourists are seeking up the sun so make sure to got there during early summer/late spring or during the end of the season. I was going there with public transport and it took me around 35 minutes to walk from Faliraki.


The white village hidden between the mountains is also well worth a visit. The place is very old and if you would like to get the best view you can go to the top of the hill, pay 12 Euros and enter the Acropolis. If you don’t want to do that you can enjoy the scenery from one of the many rooftop bars and restaurants or head towards one of the beach bars. The city of Lindos is 50 kilometers away from Rhodes town and reachable by public transport if you don’t rent a car yourself. I would strongly recommend a visit here.

Rhodes old town

Rhodes town has many similarities with the Swedish medieval city of Visby except the palmtrees. It is a beautiful place to stroll around in and go for dinner in. Of course there are a lot of tourists there and therefore you can also purchase all kinds of souvenirs. Visiting the place outside of the peak tourist period would make your visit more enjoyable if you don’t like to be surrounded by tons of people.

Akropolis of Rhodes

This highest point of Rhodes was one of the best discoveries I made near the hotel. The very last day I went out for a long run and took myself to the top of the city. The view was incredible and I also got to run at the same place where the ancient Greeks did. It was a large area perfect for outdoor physical activities or if you would like to have the best view of the city. Don’t miss out!

/ Pernilla that had a blast in Greece


  1. Tycker det är lika kul varje gång jag ska åka till en ny plats att undersöka vad som finns att göra utöver poolhäng, och planera vilket av det jag vill besöka.
    Rhodos är en plats jag underskattat, verkar finnas massa att se.

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