Greece is open again!

Greece has opened its boarders for the very important tourists to arrive again and the question al of us are asking is, is it safe to travel there? I would definitely reply yes to that question and advice you to go if you would like to.

Welcome back!

I have never felt as warmly welcomed to any country near the Mediterranean before as when I got there in late May. The Greek people might needed the break in order to realize how much the tourists are worth and not being annoyed when their source of income is visiting. The hospitality is better than ever. The locals show their appreciation and tell you time after another how pleased they are to see you there again. It is more often than seldom you get a desert after your dinner. They would like to show you and take care of you more than ever. Follow up on their service and you can really see that the people are ready and look forward to the arrival of tourists.

Covid rules

Rules are constantly changing but when I went to Rhodes (May, 2021) you needed to fill in a digital health declaration and bring the QR-code that came with it midnight the day of arrival. You ask needed a PCR test no older than 72 hours upon arrival. That was it. The process to check everyone that arrived went smooth and from leaving the aircraft until I got my bag was record time for being Greece, 15 minutes. No vaccine certificate is valid as entry passport per today.

Then we come to the question of masks to be or not to be. The genera rule say that you need a mask everywhere except when sitting down at a beach, pool or restaurant. Or while doing excessive. But in practice Rhodes was mask free. I saw very few people having masks on the streets. Restaurant workers mostly didn’t. Police didn’t. At the hotel some staff wore it. I used mine where I had to meaning while going into any shop and while taking food from the breakfast buffet. On local buses most people wore it. But to sum up it was a relaxed approach to wearing face cover.

So to sum up I would definitely recommend a visit to Greece this year. The locals need you as much as you probably look forward to go there. Are you in post pandemic travel mode yet or have you decided to wait a bit more until you will start to explore the world again?

/ Pernilla that just got back from an amazing trip to Greece


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