Storlien ski resort in Sweden

Less than two hour by train from Östersund you will find the ski resort of Storlien. It is not the biggest one but a cozy one. After I visited Åre I wanted to do something different and see something I havn’t seen before so I took the train to nearby Storlien to check it out. Although it is late April and the ski lifts had closed for the season it was worth a visit. I wasn’t planning on do alpine skiing since I just did in Åre but for some cross country skiing it was great for a couple of days.

The village

The first night that I arrived I walked around to check out the village. There were a few places to eat and drink and a big Coop supermarket. The opening hours were limited though both due to C19 and that the end of season. I stayed at the main hotel but they offered self catering which is common at ski resorts. There are also a lot of cabins to rent if you are a larger group. The cabins looked so cozy with grass on the roof just like my favorite hotel I ever been to at Faero island. It is no limitation to not have a car if you just go for skiing but if you would like to see more of the surrounding area a car is to recommend.

Alpine skiing

The slopes closed for the season in mid April so I wasn’t trying them out. There were still snow in them and they reminded me about Hundfjället in Sälen. It would have been nice to try them out since I had my alpine skis with me but another time I guess. But the resort is fairly small so it is good for combining both cross country skiing and downhill in a short time.

Cross country skiing

There are well paved tracks suitable for all kinds of cross country skiers which cost a small amount to access. They all start from the valley and take you all the way over the mountain to Norway if you so which. Well, it isn’t that far, only 6K a return tour but still you can say that you been skiing to Norway. Tracks range from easy to advanced in distances from 2,5 to 12,5Ks length. I will write a complete guide to all cross country tracks in Storlien since I tried all of them during my visit.


When it is snow in April it can be hard to believe summer also arrives at this place but it does. Like many other ski resorts Storlien is focusing their business on catering all year around so there is a lot of activities to do also during the summer. Hiking, kayaking, MTB biking, trail running to name a few. I believe it is crazy beautiful (and loads of mosquitos like everywhere else in the North) but if you aren’t afraid of bites it will most likely be a great time also in the summer.

If I would recommend going there? yes. As I said, it is not big but it has everything and I like to see new places so if you already been in Åre or would like to combine a visit there with something else it is a good place or if you would like to try a new equipment like snowboard. Or if you would like to go for a long weekend in a less busy but still beautiful place. Have you been to any smaller ski-resorts in North of Sweden that you would recommend?

/ Pernilla that had a good time in Storlien

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