Malta lockdown

“March 2021, like March 2020 but with toilet paper”, one of the best quotes recently I have to say summing up the world. At this point I could not imagine we would still live under extreme Covid regulations but it is how it is. I am right now experiencing my second lockdown since I left Sweden in the end of September. Not fun but survivable. Lockdown in UK in November was worse. Here at least the weather is better and it is lighter outside. But every day feels like a Sunday. Slow. Closed. At our hotel there are less than 10 guests and it is a huge hotel but it is open not like many so other ones.


What to do during lockdown

Same as I did last year when Stockholm was semi lock down. Minus painting and re-decorating at home. Never the less I found some new things to do when I get home like turning my kitchen into grey. Stockholm white feels so 2020. I am also finishing my travel photobooks from 2020 and 2019. From those days when it was possible to travel so to say. Walking the streets I have not been walking before on this island. Another island project is to drive around the whole coast to find hidden gems. I have to admit there are a few. Malta is ugly but there are four or maybe five nice places which is not a construction site, a trash pile or ruins. Will reveal the secret spots when leaving.

When the gym is closed

Could be that I am a training addict. Could be. Run streak has never been my thing since I get bored of doing the same thing every day. I wish I had the patience to do yoga myself with Yogobe but after trying multiple times online workouts is not my thing. I can’t concentrate and start thinking about other things I should do or things I want to check starting taking just one small break, then it becomes two and three and then over and out. Of course also the hotel gym is closed but the sweet staff lent me some dumbbells. I have used them not less than two times the last 10 days. Did I say run streaks wasn’t for me? Now I have been running 10K 7 days in a row since I decided for a week of run streaks and before that I had two days of running. Can’t wait until it will be possible to run races again although it seems to be far in the future. Everything is canceled, online, postponed or canceled when looking into the race bible. All sports are banned except running and paddle. I don’t get the paddle thing, why can’t you play tennis while paddle is fine?

Eating takeaway food

The first week of lockdown it was fine to bring food only for takeaway and people were flocking outside of restaurants. Then some people got fined for not wearing a mask while eating, hello mission impossible, and it became a big thing in the local media which ended with that it is now allowed to sit outside and eat. I got many questions what we eat when there is a lockdown and same as in UK here, you can buy takeaway food or use delivery services such as Bolt but you cannot go to a restaurant. The hotel only offers room service so more or less you can eat outside or at your hotel room.

Outdoor food

So about three more weeks to go here for me before going home. Biggest disappointment ever would be to come home and the gyms and ski resorts will close. If the soccer season will start this spring I guess a miracle will happen. Lockdown is survivable, character building and a lesson on how to cope with not completely boring out. But fun, nope.

/ Pernilla living lockdown life

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