Exploring a new city by foot

Do you remember the old times, when travel restrictions didn’t applied, coming to a city you never been to, with the camera in one hand and a water bottle in the other. That was kind of what we did here at Malta yesterday. I been to Valletta the capital city of Malta a few times but not seen so much of it. I also been running all around it twice but since I been out on a run those times I didn’t wanted to stop for pictures that much. But finally, after three months here we managed to find a day with sun and walk around in the city.

First out to welcome us to the city center was a long independence avenue with some monuments and a fountain.

When entering the city from that direction you pass by a suicide bridge then you get to the main avenue. Since the weather was perfect loads of people were out on the cafés soaking up the sun. You can really tell it is spring here now and the sun is making it nice and warm.

There are all usual stores like everywhere else in the world to go shopping in and many cafés to sit down at for food or drinks or having an ice cream. You can really notice the Italian influence due to the very many gelato shops.


It’s not any new buildings in the area and many of the old ones hasn’t been properly renovated. That is something that is very common at Malta. Thing are half done or half falling apart.

There are though some gems. Like this cute street café with sea view. How cozy?

And the park Upper Barrakka gardens. That place is well worth a visit. Nice view and nice atmosphere.

Did I mentioned that Malta is the most corrupt country in Europe and ranks at number 52 of 180 in the whole world? Maybe you remember that a journalist digging into the subject of corruption in the public sector at Malta got murdered in 2017? Anyway, in the city center there is a place for her remembrance.

That was the walking tour of Valletta. As said, I also ran around it another day. The whole coastal run is in total around 5K and it is well worth it if you happen to go to the city.

Where to get the best view of Valletta

The by far best view of Valletta you get if you go to Sliema and The Point. Does it sound like a city you would like to visit? or maybe you already been. I would say it is not worth going to Malta for but if you are there it’s absolutely worth a visit.

/ Pernilla keep on exploring Malta


  1. Awesome photos!
    I do recall the journalist’s murder.
    When you hear those things it makes a place sound unsafe.
    In the US we often hear about the problems in Mexico. The drug gangs and corruption, it makes you wonder how anyone can live there.
    About 5 years ago we spent the day in The Yucatan and I never felt un-safe. Though there were a few times I didn’t feel safe, if you know what I mean.
    But the people were fantastic.
    There is crime and corruption everywhere.
    The city where I live there was a bank robbery about 20 years ago, and is was done by some police! And there are payroll scandals in our state often.
    The famed gangster Whitey Bulger committed most of his crimes within 20 miles of my home.
    And somehow I feel perfectly safe.
    I’m pretty sure there is bad stuff going on around me, but I don’t see it and I don’t go looking for it either!

    1. Agree also think these kind of things happens everywhere and probably not as much common now than before it is just media making it sound like that and the availability of data to compose reports.

  2. Malta är ett av platserna jag drömmer om att åka till. Hade det inte varit för pandemin hade jag nog jobbat där idag. Kul att se lite bilder därifrån! Är det mycket svenskar där i vanliga fall?

    1. Kul att du drömmer om Malta, hoppas det blir verklighet snart. Var väldigt många svenskar där även nu i pandemitider så kan tänka mig att det är ännu fler i vanliga fall.

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